Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Most Interesting Man in the World is.............Bill Murray!

Well of course it is! Who doesn't like Bill Murray?? Groundhog Day? Ghostbusters?? Meatballs?? Caddyshack??? The list goes on and on and I am sure that everyone out there has a favorite Bill Murray movie. If not, you probably stopped reading this one already. I have seriously NO clue as to what motivated me to paint this. None! I didn't have a fever or anything at the time, but oddly enough, I am just getting better from having one since painting it. Maybe I time traveled and did this out of order?? Doing "mash-ups" is not really my thing as my brain just doesn't work that way so as to why I suddenly felt the urge to depict Bill as the Dos Equis guy and add a nod to the "Stripes" poster was something of a shock for me. It just seemed natural and it helped narrow down the type of reference I needed of Bill as I wanted him to have his beard. The piece came together quite quickly and I was pretty please in the end, even if it didn't look like him to me at times during the painting process.

Ladies and Germs, .....Bill F@#*ing Murray!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Peter Capaldi IS The Doctor!

So the 12th Doctor has premiered and the chatter has been all over the inter-webs. Love him? Hate him? He really is like a head of state in the fact that everyone has an opinion in not just who should be The Doctor but how he is performing in the role as well. I try to avoid most conversation regarding faith and politics but I must admit that I find myself in deep conversations (debates) about Doctor Who. I just recently got sucked into an online debate over the numbering of Capaldi within the myth. I say he is the twelfth (obviously based on the title of this post) but there are factions out there that say he is the 13th or even the 14th. I will state my opinion here, because this is MY blog after all, and you can state yours in the comments section or on your own blog. Fair enough? Good. I think he is the 12th since even tho 10 "regenerated" twice, doesn't make him two different Doctors! I also don't count John Hurt's War Doctor since he didn't call himself "The Doctor" and that I think Steven Moffat made a mistake by creating and shoe-horning in that incarnation of the character. I have even stated before that while I enjoyed John Hurt's performance, I think it would have been better served if Paul McGann's 8th Doctor played that part. There. I said it. It's online so it can never be taken back. I'm okay with that. For now.

I also always state that the current Doctor is always my favorite Doctor. Certain ones will always resonate more with me (Peter Davison, Paul McGann, Matt Smith) than others (Jon Pertwee), but I like to keep looking forward as well.

Peter Capaldi IS the Doctor!


Monday, September 22, 2014

Another Superman!

Just can't seem to stop this train that I am on. Now, while I went on with nostalgia in my previous two Superman posts, I have no such affection for the original actor to don the cape and boots. I never saw then shown on TV as a kid and only occasionally saw his picture in articles written about Superman in various newspapers or magazines. I knew OF him, but never saw his two movie serial outings until I received copies of them on VHS one Christmas. They were fun to watch but obviously not great stuff. The two biggest things of note were that Noel Neil (who famously played Lois Lane in TV's The Adventures of Superman with George Reeves from season two onward) also played Lois here. The other was that Superman turned into an animated cartoon to fly! Was not nearly as good as the Captain Marvel serial from the same era. Oh well. Fun stuff at least. Here is a quick Kirk Alyn.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Strange Visitor from Another Planet!

A friend of mine recently told a story that happened to him at his job recently. He basically made a reference to an old TV show (Burns and Allen I believe) and nobody had any idea what he was talking about. Why would they not know? How did he know about it (he is too young to have seen it as well) and not his younger co-workers. Cable TV is the simple answer. To kids my age, we grew up without it and had to watch re-runs of classic shows long since gone. Heck, I remember being floored to find out that Walt Disney died before I was even born! "How?? I JUST saw him on Sunday night!!??" Where am I going with all this? To Superman of course. I grew up watching re-runs of The Lone Ranger, Batman and of course, The Adventures of Superman! I loved them all and watched them every single day after school. I wore a red towel around my neck and underpants on top of my blue pajamas and loved it!! I still remember my dad drawing out the "S" and having my grandmother sew it onto a shirt for me. George Reeves WAS Superman! I still hold a large amount of fondness for the show and have several on DVD and George's famous appearance on I Love Lucy is on my DVR!

Monday, August 25, 2014


Yes it's Superman! Strange visitor from another planet....". Right. Wrong Superman. But I love George too so it's cool. Superman is by far one of my all time favorite movies. I have gone on and on about this before so no need to completely bathe in those same waters for a second time. This one is a true labor of love and I still get chills when I listen the the Superman Theme by John Williams. I will go out on a limb here and state that I really wish Chris Reeve was given better movies past the first one to shine as Superman. I know that the second film was a hit but I found it too humorous and with all the added powers and story lines it just didn't come off as Superman to me. Even more so with all the movies that followed. But, the first one is still a shining light in the darkness. "You'll believe a man can fly." And I did!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New York Bound!

No. I am not relocating back to the north east. I recently got word that I was accepted to be part of New York Comic Con's Artist Alley. Well, technically I was on the waiting list and a spot opened for me but I made it none the less! I am thrilled. Being from that area, I attended the New York shows a lot growing up. I have vivid memories of going with friends, being dropped off right in the city, riding the ferry in, and once even braving a snow storm by my own car to get there. I bought stuff, I saw panels and slide shows, saw Colin Baker as the Doctor for the first time at one!!! I not only met comic legends like John Byrne and Jack Kirby but I even got my first real artist critique from these shows. They were much smaller by today's extravaganzas. Most of the ones I went to were still held in hotels! Times have changed as has the industry but I don't know if it has been for the better or worse for the wear, but it has changed. I guess I am sounding like an old man now! "In my day......".

I guess I am excited because at some level I see it as a form of validation for myself with my artistic pursuits that started with super heroes and TV and movie characters and continue unabated to this very day. I am, of course, speculating right now as the show is in October and for all I know, I am going to not sell a single print and come home devastated. It could happen!! I hope not. But I know that my mother, who always encouraged me to keep drawing and never complained that I drew Superman and Spider-Man over and over again, is looking down and is proud that I even got this far.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"Like a hood ornament!"

How did I start off my last post? Something about not wanting to go back and re-draw what I have in my inventory? Yeah. That didn't seem to stick. But what can I do?? I love these characters so much and I just have to be able to express myself and this is the only way I know how. It's not a bad thing, is it?? Nah! I mean, Curt Swan drew more than one picture of Superman didn't he? More about Superman later.

So, I had some Rocketeer on the brain recently and as you can surmise from the previous paragraph, I drew him again. And I really enjoyed it too!! I did. From start to finish, this one was a complete joy. Okay. That was a lie. I rendered the back ground in vector form and drawing buildings is boring enough, let alone in vector. But the rest was sheer bliss! I swear!! Okay. That was a lie as well. The precipice that he stands on was a bit of challenge to work into the design, but I did it! Right?? Oh, who gives a shit if it was hard or easy? Nobody remembers anything but the finished product anyway. A wise man once said "it's the hard that makes it great! If it was easy, anyone could do it!" Okay, a character in a movie said that, but it was played by Tom Hanks!! That has to count for something. I have no idea what I am talking about anymore.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Rocketeer. Again.