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The Rocketeer: The Animated Poster!

 The Rocketeer! Want to keep it based more on the comic and do an "animated" take on it. Like some of my other recent posters of this nature, what can I put in it that would never actually be allowed? Gun fire? Smoking? Bettie Page!!??? When I started to refine my drawing of The Rocketeer himself, I found that the comic style rocket pack was not visible enough for my liking. Cheating the size wasn’t working either. Maybe it should have been fine, but I got it in my head that we would see the pack. Then I got a crazy idea. What if the movie style jet pack was colored like the comic?? So, I mocked that up and I really liked it. You can see it posted below. I have to tell you all that I really struggled with Betty on this one. I wanted to follow the course in doing things on my poster that would never be allowed on a real one. Guns, smoking, .... and a half naked Betty! To those not familiar with the comic version, this is how Betty is portrayed (and named Betty, not Jenny) and

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