Captain Action..........action!

I never owned one. Never read the comic but something about him is kinda fun to draw. I drew him years ago as a test to see if I could "airbrush" in vector but nothing really since. The  owners of the property recently had and art contest and thought it would be fun. I apparently mis-read or didn't understand the rules and thought part of it was a straight up drawing contest. It wasn't. I felt stupid. You would think that they would have explained it better in the email I received right after I submitted. Nope. Oh well. I kinda like how this turned out tho.


Yup. It's that time. I usually refer to this as a "sketchbook dump" as you know, I am not fond of my sketchbooks. And yet, I keep plugging away at them. Some of these posted today are actually much larger than what is usually in my tiny sketchbooks as I felt the need to draw larger than I have been. I actually like one of these drawing so there is hope.

Retro Star Wars Poster!

I came across the concept art for a poster for the original Star Wars done back in 1977(?) by, at least from what I could find to date, Howard Chaykin. It's a cool piece and I thought it would be fun to actually take the concept and finish it. I changed only a few things. The type as I don't think "kids" today really know who Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon are. Shame. I also changed the direction of the X-Wing flying behind Luke as I thought the rear-end of the ship seemed weird to me. I also added a few more.

Hope you like it. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.


And here is the original comp:

Discovery Enterprise!

Captain Pike, Spock and Number One! The crew of the Enterprise as seen on Star Trek Discovery! As polarizing as the show is, the second season with Captain Pike was awesome and now people are clamoring for his own show. I admit that I am one of them! I have always loved Captain Pike and dreamed of what his adventures may have been besides the one glimpse we were given. Maybe the time is now and my patience will be paid off!! We will see. 

The Citrus Tower!

Where I live in Central Florida is also home to an old landmark. Older than Disney it was the stopping point for tourists when we were mostly orange groves. Now it is under new management and having massive renovations and restorations. As I am typing this, there is an art contest being held there and this was my entry. If you happen to be local or passing thru, please stop and vote!!

Bettie Page!

When I was working on my latest Rocketeer picture and decided to do the comic book versions of the characters, it meant that I would have to use Bettie Page. Not a bad thing really. While I was finishing up her part, I realized that she could work just fine as a singular picture as well. I wish I had taken more time to make more of an original pose. Maybe next time.

Pie Eyed Rocketeer!

Pie-Eyed Rocketeer! Full disclaimer, I did NOT come up with this. When I was browsing the web for reference, I stumbled across a cute, but rough drawing of this and thought it would be fun to clean it up but I neglected to get the artists name. If anyone knows, please let me know to give proper credit.