Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Yup. Spider-Gwen. Honestly, that has to be the dumbest name ever for a superhero or comic book. It is. I am not saying that just to trash it so please just think about it for a moment before you get all defensive. I am going to admit that I really didn't know about her as I don't read many comics anymore and I usually follow the creators more than characters and I have not tried many "new" characters in quite some time. So whey did I draw this? Well, as fate would have it, I have been seated near Robbi Rodriguez twice in the past year and once (in Chicago), right next to him. We chatted a bit when he was not swamped with fans and he signed and gave me a copy of the first issue for free. Nice guy. It was months later before I actually read the book but it did look nice and I could not help but notice that there are SO many ladies out there that have been taken with the character and started to cosplay her in mass quantities! Plus I kept being asked if I had any Spider-Gwen art or planned on doing any. It wasn't until I was walking out of a convention that I was suddenly hit with the idea that I should do one and that I could use Emma Stone as the likeness. Seemed like a natural fit for me considering the work I have been turning out of late. I know that Emma is more than likely never to play the part again and if we see a Gwen Stacy in the movies again it will be played by another actress but she is currently in the conscious of the pop culture masses and who am I to not indulge that. Exactly! Plus, I could always update the picture should someone else ever take on the mantle! Ha!!

So, here is Spider-Gwen!


Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Walking Dead!

I admit that I have never read or even looked thru a Walking Dead comic book. I also didn't watch the TV show when it first came on either. My wife and I got hooked on it when it aired as re-runs just before the second season and we were hooked. We have not fallen off and it's still one of the only shows that we actually watch the night it's on! That says a lot considering the time of DVR and on demand services that are available today. I have done a Walking Dead piece before. Some may remember the Michonne picture I made a few years back. It was in my "toon" style but it was fairly well received.

So cut to a few years later and my style has changed and I have been showing at a lot more comic book and pop culture conventions and people always ask me for Walking Dead. I have been at several shows and seen the mass of people that gather for Norman Redus first hand. But I stopped printing my Michonne piece some time back and I have shied away from doing any other Walking Dead related drawings for one reason or another. So when a Walker Stalker convention announced they would be coming here to Orlando, I figured the time was right to do another piece. I really enjoyed piecing this one together. The biggest hurdle was to pick which characters to use as I didn't want to paint a million heads all in one. I figured I could always do more and use other characters in each if the muse dictates it so. I did take the most liberties with Rick. I know that he never really wore his police uniform with his beard, but I found that both elements were iconic and wanted to mix them. I also took some flak for putting his gun in his left hand (Danny!!) but I actually found reference to support me on that front. Plus when you are a bad ass like Rick Grimes, you can shoot with either hand anyway. Unless it's in the comic. From what I am told.


Thursday, July 30, 2015

War Doctor and Twelve!

I have not worked much in my "'toon" style in the past year or so but I got an interesting commission not too long ago. I know of at least two people that have had my 11 Doctors tattooed on them and were asking for updates. Seemed like a fun idea so I was willing to oblige. Sorry it took so long but I am glad I finally got around to it. It was fun to do and it was like riding a bicycle.


Here are some other sketches and such of these two. One. Whatever!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I have been in love with Ant-Man for longer than I care to admit. I must have been about ten when I randomly picked up a comic off the rack and fell in love with it! I had no idea at the time that I was witnessing the birth of the second Ant-Man. I probably should have actually read the comic but it was so pretty to look at! John Byrne and Bob Layton and it still looks slick and gorgeous today! I still have that very same comic today. Sure it's all dog eared and stained with time (nope, I failed to bag it) and I was finally able to track down the second issue several years ago. See how enamored I was, I didn't even know how the story ended for at least seven to ten years!!

So Ant-Man is a big deal now and actually has a major motion picture devoted to him and it loosely based on that very story I read over and over again for all these years. I feel vindicated! So of course I had to sit down and draw the new look version of the hero. I actually still find myself drawing the old version in my sketchbook quite often. I must admit that I find it extremely ironic that one of the most simple designs for a superhero costume has become one of the most complex ones to draw if you are drawing the movie version! It was fun anyway. Go see Ant-Man! It's not as dumb as it sounds.


Here are a smattering of Ant-Man doodles from my sketchbook as well.

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Fastest Man Alive!

This one has been a long time coming. I have been a fan of this show since day one! Even before actually since I was breathlessly awaiting for it to premiere. I had even been a fan of the early 1990's version of the show and still have a few episodes on VHS (the pilot and the Trickster episodes if you were curious)!! My family sits down to watch every episode together and I am thrilled that they didn't go all dark and gritty for the title hero in this one. How refreshing that the hero is actually a good guy even without his powers!

I am not going to say that creating this one was easy in any way. I felt that it was a real struggle as I had many false starts and then kept getting dissatisfied and started again. My wife Mindy really kept after me to get this one done and so much credit must go to her for making me sit down and figure it out. Even so, I did totally re-work the piece one last time when I was half done. I know it looks simple in the final version, but sometimes you have to really struggle with simplicity.

The Flash!


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Buck Rogers!

Yeah. I'm of the age of growing up with watching Gil Gerard and Erin Gray in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. I LOVED it as a kid. Just like Star Wars, I had the action figures and this time I even got to have a space ship. It must have been much cheaper than the Star Wars ships otherwise I would not have gotten it. It certainly felt cheaper when compared and you had to put your own stickers on it to finish decorating it. Unfortunately they were absent from the box I got. I loved it anyway. I distinctly remembering getting permission to go see it over at my friends house one night as the pilot movie was on HBO and not everyone had cable TV back then so it was something special. I was hooked right away and was overjoyed when the weekly show began airing. I would get my favorite snack (Little Debbie Peanut Butter Bars) and a glass of milk and prop myself in front of the television making sure I didn't miss the cool intro! Good times! I still remember the episode that had Buster Crabbe, the original Buck as well as Flash Gordon,  as a guest star and that led me to find out more about him! Seems like it ran much longer than the two seasons but memories have that effect sometimes. Can't believe how long ago those days were. I was recently at a show that had Gil Gerard booked as a guest and I just had to have a picture done just because he was going to be there. I was SO excited! I had waited 36 years to meet him!! Alas, it was not to be. For reasons unknown to me, Gil cancelled and I must wait longer. Oh well. At the very least, I had a good time revisiting Buck Rogers and was pretty pleased how my picture came out.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

It's Chewie!

Here is a pic I did last month just to have something to post on Facebook for May 4th. If you don't get that reference, than there is really no need to continue with any Star Wars related content. Now here is an occasion where I went ahead and posted something that I didn't particularly like when it was all said and done. Why did I not like it? Did I not give it my all? Well, sort of. I did give it my all but it was also just a bit of fun and a test to see how fast, or how much I could rush in making a picture. I usually average about four hours per portrait. Not very fast by any means. This whole pic may have taken me an hour at most. So while I don't really like it when it is stood up against my other work, I do appreciate it for what it is. And if someone out there likes it, then that is all that is necessary as well since that is really the goal.