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Time for a change

Well another holiday from hell has passed and I lived to tell the tale once more. Things are always hectic around the holidays but this year I had the added bonus of job interviewing. As I write this I have only three more working days at my current position. Next Monday I start my new job. So you see why my posts have been rather erratic. At least that is my excuse this time.

My wife and I decided to stay home this year instead of travelling to the North East. Stayed nice and warm and I even went swimming the past several days. Too bad the actual Christmas holiday was not as serene sounding. I once again got to enjoy the company of my wife's Uncle Bill. I know that if you heard me gripe about this man in the past you may start to think that I don't care for the man. I don't. And I am not alone in this thinking. He always seems to cast a black cloud over the Christmas season by his mere presence. It is plainly obvious that he only ventures to Florida once a year for money.…

Version 2

I was wasting some time at work on a Saturday and I did this version in ArtRage. I like this one better. What do you think???

Maybe I'm not such a good neighbor.

Ever have a "friend of a friend" call on you for help?? I have been getting that alot lately. Funny thing is that my friend (who is the friend of a friend's friend) no longer lives here. One such is person I don't even know that well. I really don't think we would be friends if not for the common friend. You getting all this?? She is one of those people who is supposedly really smart (and lets you know that.) but keeps doing dumb things without thinking. I know I do dumb things all the time but I never claim to be smart. Anyway, the night before Thanksgiving she managed to lock herself out of the house late at night in nothing but a nightie. This was not, apparently, the first time that she has done this. Well, maybe the nightie part was new. Well, my door was actually open and the lights on for some reason as the wife and I prepared to go to sleep when there came a faint knock. Sure enough, we were her last resort. My wife, of course, invited her in and then we …

The Christmas rush

Sorry I have not posted in quite some time but things have been crazy!!! I will hopefully elaborate in the near future. I have, however, gotten carried away with my Christmas drawing. My wife and I have been including one of those "newsletters" in our Holiday cards for the past several years and last year I added a Santa drawing at the last minute. Not my own, just clip art that I re-touched. So this year I had the brilliant idea to do my own drawing. Why not? Some people even call me "artist". So my pencil art very rapidly became a full blown digital painting. Now my wife wants them printed and rushed as cards. So now my art has actually costed me money!

So here they are. My pencil sketch....

..and the final painting. Happy Holidays!!!!!