Pinocchio had wet feet

So I do paintings for the Disney galleries. I usually enjoy doing them and the extra money is cool. No hard deadlines and I pretty much paint what I want. I do, however, have to take care of the framing myself and figure it into my price. I decided to do all my paintings on museum wrap canvas so the buyer can frame however he or she likes if they even want to frame at all. I paint all the way around the wrap so the picture actually turns the corners. I usually have two or three drawings approved at a time so I have the luxury of working on more than one. You see, the downfall of painting around the wrap is that you almost always wind up waiting for the paint to dry on one or more sides so you can paint the other(s). So I was working on Pinocchio and had to stop and wait for the oil paint to dry on his feet before I could flip it and paint his hat. I had a classic Mickey drawing ready to go and already on a canvas so I figured I would go ahead and block it in one night using acrylic paint. Then life became a blur and I stumbled out of it about two and half hours later with a finished painting. All in acrylic! A real rarity for me. I worked fast and with a very limited palette and even employed a knife for alot of the top highlights and such. I kinda like it.


  1. Look at you go with acrylics! Very nice!

  2. This Mickey isn't bad at all. Actually, it is very, very nice. I checked in to the blog late last night. Mo really likes your self promotional style....but what does SHE know.


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