Red letter Day for Mr. C

Philadelphia Business Journal

"The first casualty of the pending merger between the parent companies of TD Banknorth and Commerce Bank of Cherry Hill will be Mr. C. The venerable Commerce mascot, invariably present at bank events, has been handed his walking papers."

I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that. Mind you, I don't currently or have ever banked at Commerce Bank but several years ago at my last place of employment, I was given a picture of their mascot, Mr. C. What a piece of shit.

Apparently, or at least what I was told, was that they were looking to "freshen up the design" of the much loved character and the bank president's wife would wind up being the art director. Great! I did several versions that they accepted and then they would come back and ask for more changes. I finally arrived at a version that everyone seemed happy with. Except Mrs. Bank President. "I don't understand why he has no knees or elbows. How can be possibly bend??" Uh,'s a googly-eyed red letter C and you are wondering about it's knees?? Does Mickey Mouse have knees?? I had to add knees. That was the type of crap I got all the time. They would even send back Mr. C art and asked to "make the face more like the other one you did." Um,...... that's the SAME face. I copied and pasted right from the other file. I would literally re-send an unchanged pic for approval and then it would go through. Fun! I drew Mr. C in a variety of settings and outfits before Commerce Bank decided for one reason or another (it was never made clear to me) that someone else would be handling the art now. Fine. I never really made money off of it but it was fun to see my work when I visited family in New Jersey in bank windows and ads. I never got over how the "new person" continued to butcher my art. I would see clippings and pics on the website of Mr. C and would recognise most of the drawing and then have a new hand or arm or what have you. And it NEVER matched the rest of the art. Maybe it was done by the original artist, I don't know. All I know is that with Commerce Bank being bought out I will no longer have to see bastard versions of my work. There was some good stuff too. I spoke to the guy who did the sculpt and to be honest, I wish I had one. I don't remember if the one I posted is the same one I saw before but I seem to remember it being pretty faithful to my work. I also wished I had saved the more pronounced butchering of my work, but alas I had no blog then so I sent them all to the trash. Oh well. See ya Mr. C! It's been a blast!!


  1. Jon, it occurs me to that once again you have managed to put another place out of business. Leaving a trail of destruction to rival that of Godzilla. Every place you grace seems to have the curse of the Irish thrust upon it. You are Irish, aren't you?

  2. Me?? Irish??? I guess I might be my Mexican friend!


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