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I don't know why. I have been re-establishing my childhood connection to Ant-Man. I am too young to remember the original one, but in the late '70's, when John Byrne was at his arguable peak, he and Bob Layton introduced a new Ant-Man in a two issue artistic extravaganza. I gotta admit, I changed the helmet a bit because,....well, because I don't draw it well enough. In my opinion only Byrne and Kirby got it right. And Kirby kept changing it!!

Most of my sketches were done in bed as my wife and I usually read before retiring for the night. As usual, I ask her for her opinion and she is usually blunt with it. I joked and asked her if thumbnails of Ant-Man are redundant. She thought that was funny but she does NOT understand the concept of a miniature super-hero. Which in turn made me think of a classic SNL skit with John Belushi as the Hulk and Dan Ackroyd as The Flash, relentlessly teasing a Garret Morris portrayed Ant-Man. Google that if you get a chance!! Anyway, he…

Of Mice and.............Mice.

I have to admit, I really love drawing Disney characters and I still get a thrill when I see someone wearing a shirt I drew with Mickey on it or when they turn my art into a pin or mug or whatever. I always loved Mickey and I remember the first time I came to Florida with my family way back in '74 or '75. Was my first plane ride too. All the way from that far away land of New Jersey!! So what am I getting at?? Well, on that trip I specifically wore a Mighty Mouse t-shirt because I thought I had something figured out. You know how Clark Kent is secretly Superman?? Well, I thought that Mickey Mouse was secretly Mighty Mouse. Made perfect sense to me. I was in the know and I wore that shirt as a wink to Mickey to let him know that I knew and I would keep his secret!! Well, I was wrong and then I grew up but I still love these mice. Now I never got to actually make a shirt with Mighty Mouse on it (yet!), but I have designed several Mickey's. Have a look.

...and of course a Mig…

Logan's Run

Now there was a movie that had meaning for me. No, it wasn't the running or hunting or the just pre-Star Wars special effects. This was the first time I saw a nude woman on screen. How do you forget something like that!! I remember really liking the movie as a child regardless of the nudity and I vaguely remember liking the TV version with Gregory Harrison too, but I am sure that if I saw that one again I would change my mind. When I was on the waning days of my 29th year I got the DVD version of the movie and watched it from a different perspective. If you recall, in the movie, you were only allowed to live until you were 30!! Takes on a different meaning when you get to that age. So here is my take on that classic movie. Did this one all in Illustrator. Nice change of pace after Flash Gordon.