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Some Captain A sketches

A few more pics from my little sketchbook. Always loved this guy. Heard there is a movie in the works and I hope they do it right. I figure it must be really tough to write this character since I find really good stories far and few between with him. My favorite appearance of him is actually in the pages of Daredevil several years ago when Frank Miller was writing it still. Daredevil Reborn?? I am drawing a blank on the exact title.

Incredible Hulk Sketch

Maybe I should use a different title. I don't really think the quality of the sketch is "incredible", but I can see how someone without previous "Hulk Knowledge" could mistake that for. I did this late at night before sleeping. I actually only drew half of the figure. When I scanned it in I copied and flipped the drawing making the whole torso. Then I went for a marker comp look. Most likely since I was at work and I was supposed to be painting a car for Talladega and I hate designing Nascar stuff. I kinda like the pic but I am not in love with it. I think I stopped because I became aware how muscular I drew him. I think at this juncture I prefer Kirby's original look for him where he is big, but not incredibly defined. Just bigger shapes rather than every muscle detailed. I am going thru a bit of a Kirby phase with all the books on him I have recently read. I don't think I will be doing my own "homage" to Jack. There is enough bad Kirby style…

"Would You Believe..." Part Two

Um,.....I don't really know what to add that I didn't include in my last post about this. I did the final totally in Illustrator. Thanks Chief!

"Would you believe....?" Part One

Hey. I know my posts have been further and fewer between but me and my family all got sick recently, took on coaching softball again (for my church this time so now I have to watch my language.), and have been busy with life. I have been a bit burnt out lately and am looking for that spark to get me going again. I have been toying with this drawing since seeing the new Get Smart movie several weeks back. I loved the old show. Used to be one of those shows you looked forward to watching when you were home sick from school. Amazing. I had so much daytime TV to watch as a kid with no cable and only 7 channels and now when I am home sick with 832 channels, I can't find Get Smart anywhere!!