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Drew and the Ranger

Vacation was great!!! I didn't draw the whole trip and came back re-charged. Sorry I have not posted sooner. Yesterday while driving in to work I heard about the event Disney held in California and spoke about future projects. Seems that Johnny Depp was on hand in Jack Sparrow attire and they formally announced a Pirates 4. Now I like the Pirates movies and look forward to another installment but it was the OTHER announcement that really made my ears prick up. Seems that Mr. Depp has also signed on to play Tonto in a Lone Ranger re-make!! Apparently it's being done by the same writers/producers as Pirates so my expectations are high!! I was giddy. That euphoria was tempered later in the day when I finally got around to checking web-sites I draw inspiration from. While it was not posted on his official site, several sources had it on hand that Drew Struzan has retired. Now I know that he would not be producing his art forever, it still came as a shock. Mr. Struzan has and will …

Take me out to the ballgame.

I really love baseball. You would think that I would paint more baseball pictures since I love it so much but to date, I have only done three. There is a fourth in the works down the line, but more on that one later. The first one I did was for me. I have always admired the story of Lou Gehrig. Lived in the shadow of Ruth and struck down in his prime and he is mostly known for the disease that killed him since it now bears his name. I painted this not long after graduating college while living in Connecticut. I did it in a method that I could not while in school since you had to allow for lots of layers and lots of drying time. Yes. It's oil paint! This is also one of the few works of mine that actually hangs prominently in my home.

The next one followed about a year later. This was done for two reasons. Firstly, I wanted to explore options of using some airbrushing with my work. I had recently switched to water soluble oil paints and knew that I could thin them enough to push thr…