The Planet of the Apes (TV)

I grew up watching the Planet of the Apes. I saw the movies as Saturday afternoon broadcasts, had the toys, played it outside with my friends and brother and even got a copy of the original book from my grade school teacher for Christmas one year. I still have it too! Most of all tho, I LOVED the TV version. Maybe it was the simple plots I could follow or maybe it was the fact that I have such fond memories of watching it with my brother and my father right before he would go bowling with his league. Mom would venture downstairs to watch Sanford and Son and Chico and the Man with my grandmother. I vividly remember how the series was cancelled and the final broadcast was a re-run of the pilot which I missed. I was distraught and my father consoled me by reading the blurb from the TV Guide over and over to me at my request. As I grew older I remember watching the shows after they had been spliced together into movie-length episodes and shown on the 4:30 Movie after school for an entire week. APE WEEK!! Recently I managed to pick up the entire run of the show on DVD dirt cheap and have been watching almost an episode a night! I never even knew that there was an episode that was never aired so I have something to look forward too! Well, I don't know if anyone out there remembers the show as fondly as me but I hope you like my drawing of the characters. I didn't really try to stay on model for this one plus I wanted to push myself style-wise and go much more angular than I normally would. The final was all done in Illustrator. Enjoy!


  1. I do remember the show! I think you captured the essence of the three main characters. This would make a very nice trading card series!

  2. awesome! Where is the one that you did in college???


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