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Some doodles

I figured that I have not posted any new art in some time so I thought to rectify that. Kinda. This may not be entirely new but you have not seen them before. I simply went thru my sketchbook and compiled a page of sketches. Some of which you may recognize as early drafts of what when into pieces that have already been posted and some are of ones still yet to come. New stuff is on the way soon. Promise!

The One and Only George Perez

Sorry for the long delay. Being a person of regular routine and being thrust into the world of freelance illustration without warning, it has taken me some time to settle down. Actually, I should clarify that statement to read, "I have not yet found my freelance routine." Well, whatever! So far some work has been coming my way and I have even gotten paid!

Enough about that. I have been meaning to sit down and write this entry to my blog for some time but I have kept shrugging it off. Seems so overwhelming for me. And why not? Who among you out there in cyber land can admit absolute calm and maintain your composure when dealing with one of your heroes?? No, I am not talking about Superman, but one of the few people out there that have had the pleasure to bring him to life on actual comic pages!! When I was a wee lad in New Jersey and pouring over stacks of comic books my brother and I kept in our closet, the first artist that I could ever recognize just by looking at his drawi…

B@rry Z@garman is an @$$hole!

My wife told me not to post this. I thought about it for a long time too but decided that I would. She feared that an emotional post fueled by hate and anger would have a detrimental effect on future employment. It might. I figure if a possible employer sees this and thinks that he would like to boldly lie to my face and treat me like dirt after I was loyal to a fault so be it. I don't understand how hurting a family all in the name of greed can ever be a good thing. That's just me. I like to be able to sleep with a clean conscience. I am not going to elaborate much more beyond this. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This was actually fun to draw (and therapeutic. Go figure.) and it was all done in ArtRage.