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The Eighth Doctor - Paul McGann

I have to admit a guilty pleasure among hard-care whovians, I like the 1996 TV movie. It's not perfect and after reading the book made about the production, it's a miracle it was even made at all. Now I don't like everything about it but to me, Paul McGann was PERFECT in his first (and only) outing as the Doctor! Usually it takes a few stories for an actor to "settle in", but that does not seem the case here. To add to the brilliant casting of the Doctor, is the inspired re-design of the TARDIS interior! For the first time it really did seem infinite and lived in. Now matter what you think of the movie, I firmly believe that the new, current series could not have been made without this happening first. So there!

Insomnia painting

So I have been up since 3:20, wide awake for some unknown reason. Was digging around the ArtRage site getting anxious for version 3 to be released (you need to go and check it out. It's gonna blow your mind!!) and I discovered some people doing work with just the roller brush since a squared off oil brush is not available (yet!). I was inspired enough to open the program and try my hand with it. I like it!

...but that opinion may change after some sleep.

The Seventh Doctor - Sylvester McCoy

I knew this one would be fun to draw. With a very expressive face and a fun hat! I admit that I didn't follow his outfit that he wore on the series from 1987-1989. I followed the one he briefly wore in the 1996 television movie just before regenerating into the Eighth Doctor. Purists may balk, but hey, Sylvester himself admitted he liked the movie outfit better as well. It has the same basic shape just made with better fabrics and WITHOUT that ridiculous sweater! It was covered in question marks for cryin' out loud!! I know, I know. How can I pick on the sweater after enduring the outfit worn by the Sixth Doctor. At least his didn't have question marks all over it. What the heck were they thinking???? If you still want the question marks,.........look really hard at the vest and hat band.

The Sixth Doctor - Colin Baker

This one was tough! What a suit!! I don't really know what to say about this doctor. I remember being excited that I would get to watch my first regeneration from one actor to the next but then.............I don't know. For a while I felt he was my favorite doctor but as I grew older my opinions change, as they do, and I started to really dislike this era. I think I am on the fence still. I know about all the drama that was going on behind the scenes now and I know that really affected the program and I totally love how Colin Baker STILL is enthusiastic about he program even tho he was fired from the role he loved. So that's it. Here is the Sixth Doctor in all his,, ..........glory??