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A Chip off the ol' Block??

Just thought I would share these two drawings that I did NOT draw. My 5 year old son did. I originally posted a link to his Doctor Who drawing but now that he has come home from school with drawings of Daleks, well I just had to share!!

The 10 Doctors

Not really much new. I just worked all the Doctor pics together into one piece so I could hang it on my wall at work. Kinda liked it so I thought I would share.

The Tenth Doctor - David Tennant

So here it is, Doctor number 10. Great fun to draw Tennant again. Since I already painted him in his blue suit twice already, I figured it was time to put him in his brown one. I made the shirt blue just about at the last minute and I liked it. I hope you like it too. Gonna take a short break with the Doctor Who series. Firstly because I have other stuff that needs to get done and secondly because I have not seen enough of Doctor 11 yet as he has had only a minute of screen time so far. People have asked for some villains in this series and I am considering that too. David was a terrific Doctor and quickly became a favorite. I will miss him.

Blue Falcon

I owe a huge debt to my friend Mike. The short story is that last year Mike went to Comic-Con and was nice enough to pick me up a book by a favorite artist. Then he got it signed with a sketch in it no less. Me, being out of work and without disposable income, Mike was gracious enough to not demand the check from me. He then offered an option to payment being a piece or art of Blue Falcon. I obliged the art but not in lieu of payment. The check will be in the mail as well. The long story is that without Mike, I don't know how I would have gotten thru my first year at art school. We were both older than the normal age of college freshmen and we were paired together in a dorm room. I knew nothing of college life and things were not too smooth for me getting there. But there was Mike. I met him and two minutes later he was helping me lug my luggage up flights of stairs in the blazing heat. A few days later I was delivered the news of a death in my family and Mike was gracious and sup…

Checking In for 2010

I was really hoping to get the series of Doctor Who illustrations done for the new year and to coincide with the 10th Doctor regenerating into 11 but alas it has not happened. Seems to me that the holidays and actually working on a daily basis REALLY seems to cut into drawing time. Anyway, I hope that you all have had a wonderful holiday season and are ready for the new year. I am. Don't really have too much to show today so I thought I would at least post something and came up with showing some of the drawings I had done that led to the final Doctor images. These start with #5 and go thru #9. The first three docs were all drawn in the computer and I have already shared with you as well as the odd #4 sketch.

This one of 9 was done on my iPhone. Not a great likeness but I didn't think it was too bad for a doodle on my phone with no reference.

And here is a sneak peek at what is to come. Here is my sketch for #10, and also done on my iPhone. This is actually VERY close to the fina…