Catching up

Life seems pretty busy at the moment and I just had to have a painful root canal to boot. It's not like I have not been keeping busy tho, I just don't have much finished work to show today but I figured I should post something since it's been a while and I want to keep the four followers that I have.

First, let me show where I am with my Evel Knievel painting. I thought I was done with it but the readers on the ArtRage forum thought that I should continue with the way it was originally intended. I did work a bit more but am now on the fence once more about going further. Maybe some parts unfinished actually add to the piece or I am really just too lazy to keep going. What do you think??

I have also been working on a Star Trek pic done in my style last seen in my Doctor Who series. Not done yet but I relented and thought to show you the mock up with the finished pencil drawings at least.

And speaking of my Doctor Who art, here is a pic that can be used for an iPhone wallpaper. Don't know if anyone would want that besides myself, but here it is if you are so inclined.


  1. I love your work. It is amazing. The Doctor Who with all of the Docs' is my fav, but now it's missing one.. hehe


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