What's in a name?

Well, I have finally said good-bye to my old web-site. It just got too hard and cumbersome to update, revise and re-design with a limiting HTML software package. I don't know how to really do a website so I relied on simple "drag and drop" software provided by the host company. It had LOTS of design limitations and making all the buttons and such was a killer on time. Several years ago my home computer up and died on me. My good friend Doug Hill, managed to revive it long enough to pull files off that were not backed up. I neglected to tell him to back up my files for my website and I was never able to update a version I actually liked. I needed something quick so I threw things together and that was the last version seen. Never managed to re-do it like I wanted to.

So what are we looking at?? Didn't I type in or link to your site?? Well yes and no. I still own the domain so I simply re-directed it to my blog. Hence the blog is re-titled, the slideshow is now my "portfolio", an email link is in my profile and I am now one stop shopping for Jon Pinto goodness! And of course, it's still fed to Facebook.

Finally, since I had so much stuff on my old site that was never seen here, I will be posting TONS of old crap VERY soon.