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Stuff from the ol' website. Part 6

There is a theme for today entry. Peter Pan. A long time favorite of mine. I pretty much love many versions seen on film and have more than enough printed versions featuring several different illustrators including the original Arthur Rackham version.

The first one was originally done as an assignment in college. It done with the use of photo reference. My roommate Chris Nosek was used for Hook, my friend Magdi as Wendy, Nicole as Tinkerbell, Mike Greenholt as John and finally Jan Roberts as Peter Pan. The costumes were loaned to me from the Sarasota Players and I made the Pan suit. That part went well and the drawing was fine but I really dropped the ball in the finished painting. I just didn't have enough time to do it the way I wanted it. I learned a lot!! Several years after graduating and right after moving back to Florida from Connecticut, I reworked the drawing using the original reference and then re-painted it in the computer. I remember finally being happy with what I sta…

Stuff from the ol' website. Part 5

We are over the hump now so just bear with me for this and a few more posts with this old stuff.
The first one today was done for my son on his third birthday. This is the first time I actually used him as the centerpiece of his card, Before this one it was a baby elephant and Elmo. Pirates were still big at the time and it was fun decorating the house as a pirate ship too. I still think this pic is fun.

This next one goes back a bit further. I think I started this when I was a senior in college and thought about this as my senior project. I had found a Norweigen fairy tale that involved a boy that is shrunken by a gnome for his bad deeds and his only ally is a goose who in turns flies him all over Norway to find the gnome to restore him to his full size. The boy is also granted the ability to understand and speak to animals but that was to teach him a lesson since he constantly mistreated them. I thought that this would make a terrific Disney movie. I still do.

Lastly today is a logo I …

Stuff from the ol' website. Part 4

You must be getting tired of old stuff. I am. I will have some new stuff soon. Promise! Today I have three relics. First is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Gotta have a Star Wars pic at some point! I did this few years back during the prequel years. Was trying to refine a painterly look in Photoshop but I don't know how well I pulled it off. I like it tho, just wish I had ArtRage back then.

This one goes WAY back. Did this while at work at Funnybone back in Connecticut. I drew it all in my sketchbook and scanned it in for my "digital glazing". I then printed it out on watercolor paper and then sealed it. I then added some actual paint and colored pencil on top. This was the one and only time I did this.

The last one today has the significance of being the first pic I did entirely on the computer. I had learned to use a wacom by this point and I did the rough drawing right on the computer and then proceeded right to the paint stage all in Photoshop.

Saddle Up!

I interrupt my postings of old stuff once again to bring you,.........other old stuff. Yeah, I know I posted this pic before as a test of how quickly I could do a picture. I have been thinking heavily on how to approach a project and decided on a look in my head and needed a test. I selected this one to try my hand and then, I did something else. Amazing how a key-stroke mistake can have such a positive effect. This was NOT the look I was going for when I started. This is BETTER. I really like the simplicity and look of this and can't wait to apply it.

Stuff from the ol' website. Part 3

Back to the vault. Here are three pics I did when I first started coloring my art in the computer. I used a full value pencil drawing and then "glazed" on color digitally. I like certain aspects of it, but it was very time consuming for a slow pencil pusher like me.

I grew up watching Lou play for the Yanks and was thrilled when he was hired to manage the Rays. Didn't really work out but I think it really helped me become a Rays fan.

Neil Finn is my favorite singer/songwriter and this was SO much fun to do as I began to understand the possibilities of drawing parts seperately and then merged on screen.

I did this at the height of the anti-Eisner sentiment towards the end of his reign at Disney. It was about to be published on the SaveDisney.Com site but then he resigned and the site was taken down. I enjoyed playing with the images behind Eisner. Walt is obviously looking un-amused, Roy Sr. is hidden and Roy Jr. was taken down.

Coffee Anyone?

I interrupt the posting of old junk from a defunct website to bring you some caffeinated goodness. This was originally an acrylic test painted on cereal box cardboard but I liked the drawing enough to explore it further. I vector traced it in Illustrator and then set up layers in Photoshop. Once I had that, I opened it in ArtRage 3 and painted the whole thing before sending it back to Photoshop to add more textures, adjust colors and add some type. Enjoy.

Stuff from the ol' website. Part 2

Ok, these may not all be from the old site, but they are all old works. Here are several designs for shirts done for Universal that, I take it, went nowhere. I liked them tho.

Stuff from the ol' website. Part 1

Ok, as promised here is some stuff that was once posted on my old web-site. I tried to organize the art into categories so there may be SOME semblance of order but I will not guarantee that. First up are some designs I did for watches at Walt Disney World or for just my own amusement. Some were done when I was really just learning Photoshop and most were actually painted using only the mouse. I would not even dare to try that now.