Doctor Who 11 Treats!!

Nothing really new here, just updates. These files are a bit larger than my regular posts so you can enjoy printing them out if you so choose.

Well, they WERE until people started to download them and sell them at conventions. Had to stop that. Sorry. Please note: DO NOT BUY THE BROWN BACKGROUND POSTER!! IT'S STOLEN PROPERTY!

Update3/15/12: See the Master version here.


Reminder: Don't ever buy this version.
If you see this one for sale, it's probably from me. I hope to be at some shows soon.

Wallpaper: Get another one here

iPhone wallpaper:

This art is also for sale as prints, shirts, hoodies and iPhone cases on my Red Bubble store here.


  1. Just to let you know, Jon, that your latest Doctor Who artwork is displayed on my blog. Terrific stuff!

  2. Hi Jon, just found your blog via google. Amazing work! Hope you don't mind, I'm using your eleven Doctors as my iPhone wallpaper. Will certainly follow this blog in future. Regards from London :)

  3. Thanks a lot Jon, for sharing your great work. I love all your Doctor Who stuff and use most of it as a slideshow screensaver. I will also, from now on, use your 11 Doctors picture as my phone wallpaper.
    Thanks again and keep them coming ;-)
    Emilie (from France)

  4. I'm gonna add some of these pictures to my Doctor Who blog (if that's ok).

  5. Whoniverse: That's fine as long as you leave me credit and leave the watermarks on.

  6. Came over to your blog here after seeing your Doctor Who caricatures. I really like your style - awesome work!!

  7. John,

    I just found this. I love it. Great work, buddy. Going to share it with my daughter when I get home today. You never met her, but she's a bigger DW fan than I am.

  8. John,

    I'd really love to have the 3rd image (11 doctors horizontal) as a full-sized poster. Any chance you could put that up in the store?

  9. Any chance you can make one for a Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100G? :)

    Thank you! :D


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