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More Lost

...or "Lost Again". Well, not really. That would imply I am posting the same things twice. Which I am not. Don't even know why I just wrote all that. Maybe I am lost after all. Well, two more characters from the show. My favorites, Sawyer and Hugo.


I was an avid watcher of Lost but I gave up quite some time ago trying to guess what was happening. Made my life easier to just watch and "enjoy the ride". I am satisfied with how it ended and feel that for an American show to have a definite ending that is not classified as a mini-series, is awesome. I think more television should be like this.

Anyway, here are two characters from Lost painted on my iPhone.

Can you spot it??

Ok, I know that I don't own any artwork done for companies such as Disney, and I also know that popular art sometimes gets "refreshed". That being said, let me point out a mug I recently came across that looks strikingly like a picture I painted a few years back. Mine is on the left. Look familiar to anyone else besides me???

I guess I should actually be flattered in a way.

Sleeping Joe

I usually draw Joseph as a cartoon. I painted this one on the phone. I didn't hover over him as he slept, that's just when I took the picture.

New Really Old Who

Just to show my friend Jan, and several others, that my Doctor Who obsession is not new and truly a long standing form of dementia. I recently found these in a really old sketchbook and they brought back so many memories. I did these in high school right after I was turned on to the show by John Larkin. They all feature the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker as he was set to take over. In fact, one drawing has my own interpretation of his costume since his was not yet revealed here in the U.S. The others have his actual costume but without the patterns since I was WAY too lazy to hand draw those patterns!! The one with all the doctors faces shows the first time I had drawn any of the older Doctors. I found it fun to compare these with my latest turn at them. Enjoy!

You knew it was bound to happen. You knew it was only a matter of time before I did a Doctor Who painting on my iPhone. So I went ahead and actually did two.


I have to be honest. I have only seen one Humphrey Bogart movie in my life. That ties me with how many John Wayne movies I have seen. I don't really know why either. Anyway, I thought I would try my luck again with an iPhone painting. This time in black and white. Seemed fitting. I am not as satisfied with this one as I was with the Errol Flynn painting, but I thought it was decent enough to post. I am not happy at all with the hand but I do like the fluid looseness of it and really wish I could retain that feeling in my actual oil paintings.

Robin Hood sketch

My wife Mindy and I saw the new Russel Crowe Robin Hood this past weekend. A rare treat for us to get out to the movies. While the movie itself was watchable, I never felt that it was really Robin Hood. I don't know how else to describe it. I know there are thousands of folktale versions out there and the movie went for "historical accuracy", but I really didn't go for a history lesson, I went to see Robin Hood! I guess nothing will live up to the Errol Flynn version in my eyes. Maybe that's the problem. I painted this with two different paint programs on my iPhone.