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Union Jack part one

I always thought that the character of Union Jack was pretty cool. A hero from World War One who fought the war as well as vampires!! A second Union Jack continued this during the Second World War and now a current version is still at work! The costumes are so slick and simple and having him British just makes it even cooler in my book. I remember reading one of his earliest adventures in the Invaders comic book and it blew me away. I still have it!!!

Star Wars and Thievery

My wife was able to score two passes for the big Star Wars Celebration Five that took place here in Orlando this year. This was a nice surprise as I had written off my chances of going since we had just gotten back from California and I got to go to Comi-Con. Anyway, my wife gets these passes and they are exhibitor passes to boot! No waiting in line!! So my son and I go early on the Saturday morning and have a really good time for over three hours! Saw so much stuff and walked around until my six year old jedi could not walk anymore. Then I saw it. I could not believe my eyes and my blood pressure must have gone haywire. A Doctor Who print for twenty bucks! MY DOCTOR WHO ART WAS FOR SALE!! Someone had taken the file from the internet and printed them out and was selling them. And from the story I got from the dealer, he was not the only one! You never think it's gonna happen to you. I figure, who am I?? Why would someone want to sell my pictures?? I'm not famous by any stretch…

Comi-Con 2010

My first trip to the great San Diego Comi-Con. Have been wanting to go since I was a little kid. Finally got my chance and went with my good friend Mike. You can see him in the photo just behind the Batman mask. Yeah. He always looks like that too.

The Tron Cycle.

The 1989 Batmobile.


Batman mask (and Mike!).

The one and only Bruce Timm!

Believe it or Not...

So there was a marathon of The Greatest American Hero on Syfy this past Fourth of July and I totally missed it. I was really bummed not to catch even just an episode or two since I loved that show so much as a kid growing up in New Jersey. With a little luck, I was able to watch a few shows on-line. A bit dated but still a fun watch. And how can you not love a reluctant super hero who lost his instruction book for his suit?? Genius!! I actually started doodling him on my airplane ride to Californina just a few short weeks back. Hard to draw in a bumby airplane and even harder when the old lady next to you is constantly hitting you with her elbow! Once I had my pose the painting went rather quick. In fact, I got carried away with the sketch in Photoshop, that I almost didn't do the "finished" one. I bet some people out there may also think that the colored drawing is better. I don't know. I'm sharing both. Enjoy.

Here are the drawing leading up to it:

Not that you c…

The Weeping Angel

I was so inspired by walking around meeting artists, seeing art, etc. at Comi-Con, that I just had to finish this piece. It started out simply enough with some chicken scratch in my sketchbook. I didn't even bother to scan those in. Once I had a clear vision, I did a rough color version on my phone. I really liked it and a cleaner version was made from it in Photoshop. Then I made my final pencil drawing, digitally inked it and painted it. Voila!! Simple as that!! I hope you all like it too.

Here, for probably more my amusement than yours, is a view of the progression.


No, not my father in law. I already drew him a few years back for something that was actually published. Being pretty inspired by Comi-Con and spending lots of time at Disneyland, I used some sporadic free time to paint Mr. Disney himself. I decided to use just about every paint and photo app I have on my iPhone do get to the finish on this one and I kind of like where it went. I wonder if I remember the process now.

Mr. Baldelli

Just got back from my trip out west and my first venture to Comi-Con!! Hopefully I will have more on that soon. I am trying to get re-adjusted to Eastern Time and my 9-5 but I do have some new stuff to post really soon. Until then, enjoy another iPhone painting done of Rocco Baldelli!!