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Sherlock Final

Found the time to bring this one to a finish. Kinda happy with it. If you saw the show, you may appreciate the fact of Watson engaging the viewer but Sherlock is not. He is too pre-occupied with his snazzy iPhone with an odd image on the case. Hope you like it. Can't wait for this to be out on DVD.

Here's the progression too. I kinda got carried away with the drawing stage again.

The Boy Who Lived

I admit that I am not the biggest Harry Potter fan out there. I do like the movies for the most part and I even read the first book before movies were ever made. My wife Mindy on the other hand is a HUGE fan. This iPhone doodle was done for her.


Been pretty busy of late and I really don't have much to post. I did, however, just finish watching the three episodes of the brilliant new British show "Sherlock". Awesome!! Can't wait to pick up the DVD of this one. Here is a quick color sketch of Sherlock and Watson from the show. Hope to do finished version in the near future. Enjoy.