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Tattoo Who!

So my work will be on permanent display in the UK. Unless they move. I got an email several months back about having my Doctor Who art made into a tattoo. Lee asked me if I was cool using my art and I was thankful for that. Lee has also been kind enough to send me a picture of the arm in the beginning stage of the tattoo process. The Tardis in the center is not mine, but you can clearly see the line art for the Doctors all around is clearly my own. I can't wait to see the finished product!! I am honored!!

Update: See the finished product here.

Al's Who

Not really any new art to show this time. Been kinda busy of late but I hope to have something new in the near future. I will share a classic illustration done by one of the all time greats. Al Hirshfeld. I was stunned when I first came across a Doctor Who illustration he did in his magnificent style. And to feature all the current Doctors to that point as well!! I recently re-discovered it while searching for something else. Isn't that how it always works! I had the great honor in actually talking to Mr. Hirshfeld while I was a senior in art school. We had to interview a working artist as part of our requirement to graduate, and I picked Scott Gustafson. Well, Mr. Gustafson must have been really busy and such and I never got to have my phone calls returned or such. Plus this was before email and all this hi-tech way of communicating! So one day, my roommate and I were looking over the new Illustrators Annual and I came across Al Hirshfeld's phone number in the back. I jokingl…