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Hot Coffee

Just another guy with coffee.

Human Resources

Odd title, I know. There is a group on Deviant Art that held a contest recently about doing an illustration based on one of the audio adventures of Doctor Who. I thought that sounded like fun and I came up with a sketch pretty quick as I was listening to one in the car during my commute in the afternoons. It was also an opportunity to draw a "modernized, retro Cyberman". Still with me or has my total geekiness turned you away already?? Anyway, it was also an excuse to draw the 8th Doctor and the lovely Sheridan Smith as Lucie Miller. I hope I did them both justice.

The sketch was pretty straigtforward and at this point I was not thinking about anywhere else it would be shown except on the website for the contest.

I was happy with the sketch and proceded to do a quick color study in Photoshop. Really raw, but I liked where it was going so I quickly started to work on the finish. Life got in the way at that point and I had to let it go in order to meet a previously held deadli…


I know it's a day late for Halloween, but I thought Snape would be a cool pic to show on the holiday. Didn't see many Harry Potters out trick or treating last night but I bet that will change next year. Again, this was painted on my iPhone. Enjoy!