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Merry Christmas 2010

Here is the card that I created for my family this year. Hope people get them since the illustrious FedEx and the USPS have handled the express shipping with the speed of syrup rolling uphill! I hope everyone who reads this has a safe and wonderful holiday.


Sick with Photoshop brushes

I was a bit under the weather recently and found myself bored and not able to really concentrate on drawing. In my haze of congestion and medication tho I did manage to work on another old painting and "jazzing" it up with just about all the all the special Photoshop brushes I have collected. Ok, maybe not ALL of them, but I did use an obscene amount for for the sake of doing it. I painted this for real back in 1999/2000 on illustration board and it is actually hung in my studio. I think it's still hanging because it's too high to take down. I posted a version of this on DeviantArt a while back and after a few months I was asked to sign a release since it "contained elements of another person's work". I refused to sign anything since I did not use anyone else's work and they could not tell me who or what they were. So they removed my entire picture. Some said that I should just have signed the release, but I felt that it would be a sign of admission…

I used to draw with a pencil

Back in the day I did all my pencil drawings and took them to the fullest. Or at least the fullest I could with my meager abilities. I really labored over this drawing. It was done on cold press illustration board at something like 16 x 20! I spent FOREVER working on this. Pulling reference from magazines because I had no Internet and I had no Photoshop! Might as well have been a cave painting! I remember being close to finishing this while working at the campus bookstore when a teacher came in and asked to borrow it to show his class. I felt honored!

I came across this jpeg while searching for something else in my archievs and thought to share. I wish I had saved this original drawing and not painted over it. If only I had Photoshop a year earlier!