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I Lost, but.....

My wife Mindy is somehow amused by the fact that I lost a Photoshop contest on Yahoo Sports a few monthes back. I don't normally enter these type of things but the moment must have been right and had some free time on my hands. They posted an odd picture of Keven Youkalis of the Red Sox (not a fan! Go Rays!) and asked that it be altered and the pictures would be judged on how funny it was and how well it was done. What the heck! I took the picture and made him a frat house jumper. Even put some banners up on the buildings and had major league umps nearby. Was fun. Then I forgot about it. While we were away for the Easter weekend I suddenly remembered to check on it. I saw my picture posted and my eye glanced my name in bold letters as well. For a fleeting moment, I thought I had won! But alas, I had not. I found it odd that they started off the story by proclaiming that I DID NOT win by name and by showing my picture! They didn't show the other non-winners. Why mine?? I still …

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Some of you may have noticed that there is now a small link on the lower right with a slideshow of some work on t-shirts and such. The one all the way down under the "Followers" box (love you guys by the way.).That is my foray into actually selling my own work. Hopefully this will be a nice change of pace instead of finding my work being sold by other people without telling me (or paying me!). So if you like something, click the link and take a look. I did the best I could with the prices but I really only make a very small cut on each. If there is something you saw here on my blog and DON'T see it for sale, please let me know. I might be able to help with that too. Feedback would be appreciated in all aspects. Don't be shy, be heard!

The Master! Part Two

Wow! I didn't really expect to have this piece done as quickly as this. Seems that once I got a drawing I was finally happy with I got "in the zone" and it all came together rather easily. I must admit that I have only seen this incarnation of the Master only once years ago in The Keeper of Trakken where he then transforms into Anthony Ainley. I do have the action figure and that is why he is dressed with that large golden sash or what-have-you. It seems he didn't wear it on the show. Or at least that I have seen. The other dilema was that not one, but two different actors portrayed this version of the character! So that is why the two names on the right of the picture don't match. Other than that, it was really fun to do. Enjoy!

The Master! Part One

First off, my apologies for being so very infrequent of late with posting. My day job has been kicking my butt for the past several months and then there was a bit of a family emergency which had me flying to New Jersey at a moments notice. Glad to report that Mom is doing well and is on the road to recovery. Also, I have been grappled with a sort of "artist block" and for a bit it seemed like I had forgotten or had no desire to draw. I hope to be on my way out of that funk now.

Ever since I did my series of Doctor Who's Doctors, I have been getting requests to do a series of villains. Here is the first in such a series. The Master!! Here he is seen as originally played by Roger Delgado and with whom all others are measured against. He is the Moriarty to the Doctor's Holmes and what better place to start!