The Master! Part Two

Wow! I didn't really expect to have this piece done as quickly as this. Seems that once I got a drawing I was finally happy with I got "in the zone" and it all came together rather easily. I must admit that I have only seen this incarnation of the Master only once years ago in The Keeper of Trakken where he then transforms into Anthony Ainley. I do have the action figure and that is why he is dressed with that large golden sash or what-have-you. It seems he didn't wear it on the show. Or at least that I have seen. The other dilema was that not one, but two different actors portrayed this version of the character! So that is why the two names on the right of the picture don't match. Other than that, it was really fun to do. Enjoy!

The final.

The progression stages.

Original digital sketches.


  1. I loved the emaciated, cadaverous Master, and wish they used him a bit more before giving him a new body. He just came across as totally creepy. The late Peter Pratt did such an excellent job, Geoffrey Beevers was pretty good too. Great job with this one, Jon.

  2. I remember years ago when there was talk of doing Doctor Who as an animated series. If they ever decide to do that, they should use you as their lead artist. Your work is perfect for such a project.

  3. Oh Man! Thanks! That would be a DREAM job!!


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