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Digital Sculpting

I am not a sculptor by any means. I never took it in college (although I wish I did) and only tried it twice on my own with sculpty. I never finished either one. One because I was moving back to Florida from Connecticut and it would not survive the move and the second because ..., well, I don't know why. I started with the best intentions, as all things do, when Mindy was away and I had time on my hands. But it languished under a cloth on my desk for years until I finally decided to remove it while cleaning my office recently. At work, the talk of digital sculpting has come up on numerous occasions, and very recently we were given the opportunity to actually try. I had a copy of Blender (free 3D software) and experimented with that a bit. Downloaded a trial copy of ZBrush and gave that a whirl. Wow! Totally confusing!! I had to watch quite a few tutorials on YouTube to just learn where the tools were and I am still lost. They did have a free program called Sculptris as well. This …

"Smeg! ...It's Red Dwarf!!

So I barreled ahead and finished it! Have to say that I had my doubts during parts of the process on this one but in the end, it all seemed to be all right. I am quite pleased with the results and I hope that everyone else likes it as well. Great show! Can't wait for new episodes.

And as promised, the time-lapse video. Enjoy!

"They're all dead Dave."

I got WAY sidetracked from the next installment of the Master series. I will get back to that. I promise! I recently watched the entire series of Red Dwarf! I have seen some of it before way back in college but I have never seen the beginning or the end of the run. I have now! So while I am continuing to toil away on the finished product (it's almost done), I thought I would share the first three sketch stages. Eagle eyed readers may have noticed some of the preliminary work in my sketchbook posting. The final posting will have a timeline movie clip as well. Promise!

Update 7/14/11: Just wanted to share the inked art as well as the painting in progress.

Sketchbook Randomness

So since I am not done with several pics that are in progress and I had an itch to post something, I thought I would give you another rare glimpse into my crappy sketchbook. I don't really know why I continue to demonstrate that I don't have one of those marvelous tomes filled with gorgeous renderings like other blogs show you to great excess. I believe that in some way it keeps me humble with my meager abilities. Just as a little bonus tho, there is s preview of an up and coming picture contained within. Plus, sharp eyes may recognize some doodles of older postings.