Digital Sculpting

I am not a sculptor by any means. I never took it in college (although I wish I did) and only tried it twice on my own with sculpty. I never finished either one. One because I was moving back to Florida from Connecticut and it would not survive the move and the second because ..., well, I don't know why. I started with the best intentions, as all things do, when Mindy was away and I had time on my hands. But it languished under a cloth on my desk for years until I finally decided to remove it while cleaning my office recently. At work, the talk of digital sculpting has come up on numerous occasions, and very recently we were given the opportunity to actually try. I had a copy of Blender (free 3D software) and experimented with that a bit. Downloaded a trial copy of ZBrush and gave that a whirl. Wow! Totally confusing!! I had to watch quite a few tutorials on YouTube to just learn where the tools were and I am still lost. They did have a free program called Sculptris as well. This is fun!! So easy to use and did I mention it's free?? The samples of what people can do with this free sculpting tool is awesome. I am not awesome. If I knew what I was doing, I might be fair at best but it's fun anyway and I think everyone should download it and try. Remember, it's free!

Here are some early examples of my tooling around in it.

Fooling around with a head. Trying tools more than anything.

Screen shot at a paint test in the program.

Trying to sculpt something to look like something.

So, does anyone out there use any of these programs and be able to offer any advice? Just wondering.