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Working on The Night Shift: Final!

It's done. It's FINALLY done!! Not that I was laboring over this one or anything like that, I actually really had fun working on this pic and I am super happy with the final result too! I hope the homage to the Shaun of the Dead poster is appreciated too. My one regret now that it's all over is that I didn't plan the headstones well enough. I should have had the people who worked on the movie's names on them. Or even mine! Oh well. Next time.

Happy Halloween everyone!!

And as usual, here is the time lapse movie too. Enjoy!

Update 10/28/11: Thanks to an insightful critic (that's you Cory!), here it is again but with a black border.

Working on The Night Shift: Part Three

So sorry. If you were hoping to see the final yesterday (like me!), you were obviously disappointed. I know I was. Turns out the community yard sale last weekend and the play at my son's school took more time than I expected. Plus, and I am not just saying this to buy more time, I don't want to rush this. Honestly. I want this to be right and it's not like I had to have it at the printers or anything of that nature. It is almost done so I just need to stay the course. It'll be worth the wait or lunch is on me! Not really.

Here is a sneak peek tho. Enjoy it!

Road to Hurricane Who: Part Four

Banner arrived several days ago. Well, the second version at least. The first one that arrived did not print very well but the good people at Vista Print were kind enough to re-print it for me with a new file that compensated for the bad printing. The second one was great!! Yesterday, Mindy and I went to the hardware store and bought PVC piping and fittings to create a frame/stand for it. Ok, Mindy really built it and I helped but hey, I'm not too proud. Here are more crappy pics from my iPhone.

Working on The Night Shift: Part Two

Just thought I would post the final drawing, inked and inked with flat color. I have to say that the inking stage is the most fun for me. With all the thick and thin lines and the clean edges in Illustrator, I know I am on the right path when it looks good like this. Plus, using the latest version of Illustrator has made this stage SO much faster than it used to take me. The width control and live editing of the line are the most useful things ever added to Illustrator for my money.

More to come soon!!

Working on The Night Shift

Way back in Feburary, I ran across a blog that spoke about my work being stolen and sold without my consent. It wasn't my blog, if that is what you are thinking. I mean that someone else had taken notice and was kind enough to write about it and help spread the word. I was touched that someone thought enough to do that and I contacted her to show my appreciation. What I didn't know at the time is that Erin is also quite a talent and makes really cool films with her husband. I followed a few links and watched the trailers and the original short of a film called The Night Shift. It's REALLY cool! I thought it had a teriffic and original premise and the characters were awesome! I started some doodles but didn't initially proceed because another artist, Kyle Henry, had already done an awesome painting (and with real paint!!). I didn't want to try and follow that! Over time tho and after doing my Mercury Men picture, I decided to actually give it a go and just take it m…

Road to Hurricane Who: Part Three

Books arrived!!! So excited to get home tonight and find a box knowing it contained my printed books! I was super careful as I cut thru the cardboard and wrapping making sure to not damage anything. They came out great!! I know my lousy iPhone pics (3GS by the way so I have no exterior illumination on my camera.) do NO justice to the book, you have to see them in person. And I hope you do!! I am getting really nervous now.

Road to Hurricane Who: Part Two

Posters? Check! Oversized cards? Check! Sharpies? Check! So far so good. Book is printed and I am just waiting on delivery. Also ordered plastic sleeves (still need cardboard backing) for original art! Yup! Gonna be unloadind just about all of the drawings used to create most of the work in the book and seen here on my blog.

Also, and I really was not planning on this, t-shirts!! Yup, t-shirts!! This is a design that you cannot find on my Red Bubble site either, you can only get it from me. The bad thing, ...I only have about 5 at the moment. The machine at the printer for these broke and I am waiting to see if it gets up and running again in time to get more for the show. Talk about your limited quantities!!

Farewell Mr. Jobs

I don't own a Macintosh computer. Most people find that odd as I am a working digital artist. Truth be told, I didn't even really use a computer until my senior year of college but upon graduating, I could no way offord a Mac. The first edition iMac had just come out and an Apple rep told me flat out that it would not do what I needed it to do. Times have changed. Now, as you may know, I do have an iPhone and my wife has an iPad and an iPod. I also use a Mac at my day job so it's not like I am against Apple products or have any aversion to them. Oddly enough, I had met my wife at our local AT&T store after work to pre-order the new incarnation of the iPhone to upgrade my ancient one and use the buy back money to get Mindy an iPhone as well. How ironic that minutes later when we got home that I had learned that Steve Jobs had passed away. There is nothing I can say about a man I never met or saw in person that has not already been said. I thought it be fitting that I pa…

The Master! Part Four

If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time you will know of my odd fondness for the 1996 Doctor Who movie. Now, most of that is, of course, because of the performance of Paul McGann as the Doctor and the high production values. On the other hand, the casting of The Master was.............weird. People either like or hate Eric Roberts and his casting was strange, I think, because of him being an American. He also chews so much scenery that I have cavities!!  But he is considered proper cannon so here he is. I did skip over Gordon Tipple in his unspoken cameo in the opening credits. Sorry Gordo.

As usual, here is a time lapse video:

Tattoo Who is Finished!!

Hey! I just had to share with you that after long last, the tattoo of my artwork is finally complete! Not on me, but a fine individual named Lee. Lee was kind enough to shoot me an email after just completing it today, so it's not even healed yet! What a trooper! Looks great and I am honored.

You can see the initial outline on Lee's arm here.

Ranger Riding Again??

I admit that I am fan of old time heroes. Nothing new to learn with that, but I also admit that I have been waiting for the Disney re-boot of the Lone Ranger. Now say what you will about Johnny Depp as Tonto, it doesn't bother me. And after that terrible WB movie about a decade ago, I don't think it can get much worse than that. Now many "purists" or people who form opinions without really being fans of the material, may squawk at the idea of the Lone Ranger fighting werewolves in the old west as it is rumored to happening in the new movie. I think that's brilliant! I may not know much Indian legends and folklore, but I think that makes sense. Plus the fact that the Lone Ranger always shot silver bullets anyway!! So I read that the Disney movie was cancelled and then just recently said that it was back on the table made me happy. I hope it works and hope it is a good movie!!

Here is an iPhone doodle of the Ranger to pass the time as I labor on with other pics.