Farewell Mr. Jobs

I don't own a Macintosh computer. Most people find that odd as I am a working digital artist. Truth be told, I didn't even really use a computer until my senior year of college but upon graduating, I could no way offord a Mac. The first edition iMac had just come out and an Apple rep told me flat out that it would not do what I needed it to do. Times have changed. Now, as you may know, I do have an iPhone and my wife has an iPad and an iPod. I also use a Mac at my day job so it's not like I am against Apple products or have any aversion to them. Oddly enough, I had met my wife at our local AT&T store after work to pre-order the new incarnation of the iPhone to upgrade my ancient one and use the buy back money to get Mindy an iPhone as well. How ironic that minutes later when we got home that I had learned that Steve Jobs had passed away. There is nothing I can say about a man I never met or saw in person that has not already been said. I thought it be fitting that I painted him on my phone tho. Rest in peace Mr. Jobs.