Ranger Riding Again??

I admit that I am fan of old time heroes. Nothing new to learn with that, but I also admit that I have been waiting for the Disney re-boot of the Lone Ranger. Now say what you will about Johnny Depp as Tonto, it doesn't bother me. And after that terrible WB movie about a decade ago, I don't think it can get much worse than that. Now many "purists" or people who form opinions without really being fans of the material, may squawk at the idea of the Lone Ranger fighting werewolves in the old west as it is rumored to happening in the new movie. I think that's brilliant! I may not know much Indian legends and folklore, but I think that makes sense. Plus the fact that the Lone Ranger always shot silver bullets anyway!! So I read that the Disney movie was cancelled and then just recently said that it was back on the table made me happy. I hope it works and hope it is a good movie!!

Here is an iPhone doodle of the Ranger to pass the time as I labor on with other pics.