Working on The Night Shift: Part Two

Just thought I would post the final drawing, inked and inked with flat color. I have to say that the inking stage is the most fun for me. With all the thick and thin lines and the clean edges in Illustrator, I know I am on the right path when it looks good like this. Plus, using the latest version of Illustrator has made this stage SO much faster than it used to take me. The width control and live editing of the line are the most useful things ever added to Illustrator for my money.

More to come soon!!


  1. Wow---that's me---well, Rue Morgan. Jon, I am amazed. Great work, and I would love to see the FINAL installment.

    Khristian Fulmer

  2. Wow!! Always awesome when someone I drew comments on it. Glad you like it. Hope you like the final version as well.

  3. Hey Jon,
    didn't know you commented back. Anyway, just left a message on the final installment. Sure you read it. Now, this is a way to get your work like on shirts and/or hats? If so, I'll spread the word and make sure my family and friends know...what to get me for Christmas.


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