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An Accidental Bond

I was doodling the other night right in Photoshop and drew a dapper looking fellow seen here.

I really liked the looseness and such but I was also taken with how "Bond" he looked. To me anyway. I remember seeing a sketch that Ian Fleming had done when he first created the character and this is what it reminded me of. Upon further investigation I saw how my memory played a few tricks with me but the impression was made. With some tweaking and painting in a short amount of time I was left with a more Daniel Craig version of Bond. At least I thought so.

Lunchtime Painting 2

Here is another iPhone painting from a few lunch breaks taken in the park here in Central Florida.

The Master! Part Five

"You. Are. Not. ALONE!" To me, one of the best moments of the new series of Doctor Who. It still gives me chills to watch that scene. Derek Jacobi gives a chilling performance and I honestly felt sad that "Professor Yana" was only a disguise and he was going away. Plus I really loved how so many seeds for this story were planted so far in advance. I think I want to go watch it again now.

And as usual, the time lapse video.

Lunchtime Painting

With the weather so glorious here in Central Florida lately, I have taken to having my lunch at a nearby park. It's quiet, peaceful and best of all, not in the office! I spent about two days with my leftover time working on my iPhone on a landscape painting. I got more in the hopper too.

"My Friend Pinto" ?????

Um. Ok. I really don't know what to say about this. I will tell you that I actually found the trailer on-line and watched it. I have no desire to watch the movie.

Bret did it again.

Bret Melvin struck again. You may remember a blog posting not to long ago that featured many of the iterations of my peerless mug! Well, the one by my co-worker Bret, has been taken to another level. He decided to not only draw yet another version of me, but to also take the drawing already done and take it to another level. I like this one so much it has replaced the older portrait that graced this blog in the "about me" section.

iPhone 4 & 4S cases!

I finally got my new iPhone 4S and a terrific case for it as well!! Yeah, it's my Eleven Doctors picture! I had the weeping angel on my old iPhone so I thought I would mix it up a bit. You can get one too at my Red Bubble store and you can use that handy link or the one that is always down to the right of the screen.

What's in the pipeline.

As we begin to run into the holiday season, I know that I have to really start making strides on this years Christmas card for the Pinto family! That is priority one as my demanding art director knows where I sleep! I'm also plodding away at the next Master installment as you have already seen the small sketch done at the Hurricane Who show. Here is a value study of that same sketch.

Also, while at the show, a nice fella named Chris was working the booth right in front of us. Cool guy and we got to chat some as well. He's a big Logan's Run fan and really liked my pic that was in my book ( you can see it here ). He was kind enough to bring in a working prop replica from the film to show my one day too!! Was really neat! So I got to thinking that I wonder what my Logan's Run pic would look like if I painted it now as it was done just prior to the current look of my work. I know this really goes against the changing of my work rule once my name is on it, but if Lucas can …

Two Quickies from the Show.

I was a bit miffed at myself for not having any art ready to be signed from the other guests at the show. I was so wrapped up about getting everything together that it never even crossed my mind. Plus the fact that I never anticipated Mr. Malloy or Mr. Bulloch being so generous with signing stuff for me and my son. Luckily I had a Boba Fett painting done some time ago that I could print out and bring in (you saw it here ). What I did not have (yet) is a picture I had done of Davros!! So, being worried and nervous about how the second day would go, I got little sleep so I found myself with some time to do a quick digital painting of the creator of the Daleks. Printed it out and viola!! Simple as that right!!?? I hope to do a "Pinto" version of the character in the near future. Maybe a whole scene with the 5th Doctor, Tegan, etc.! Fun!

I also had some free time  during the show to work on the next installment of The Master! I'll finish this one day too. Holidays are coming…

I Survived Hurricane Who 2!!

So my first convention appearance is now in my rear view mirror. Wow!! Overall I have to say that I had a GREAT time! The first time you do just about anything is met with some trepidation and this was no exception. I didn't know anything about "loading in" and the behind the scenes stuff at shows like this and really proceeded with caution. So glad Mindy was there with me to keep me from getting over run with nerves. I knew starting off with a small show such as this was the way to go tho, and I was correct with that at least. We didn't exactly sell out or turn profits, but we did better than expected and had some other perks that you can't put money on. I got to meet some really awesome people!!! I don't think I was set up for more than 10 minutes when a kindly, soft-spoken gentleman came over and introduced himself with a "good morning" salutation to boot! My jaw hit the floor and I admit that I had to take a fleeting glimpse of his name badge to…

Two Days to Hurricane Who!

Getting really nervous now. I've never had a table at a show before so if you read this and are going to be there, stop by and let me know that I should relax!! First person who mentions my blog gets two free cards. Hope to see you there!!