Friday, November 11, 2011

What's in the pipeline.

As we begin to run into the holiday season, I know that I have to really start making strides on this years Christmas card for the Pinto family! That is priority one as my demanding art director knows where I sleep! I'm also plodding away at the next Master installment as you have already seen the small sketch done at the Hurricane Who show. Here is a value study of that same sketch.

Also, while at the show, a nice fella named Chris was working the booth right in front of us. Cool guy and we got to chat some as well. He's a big Logan's Run fan and really liked my pic that was in my book ( you can see it here ). He was kind enough to bring in a working prop replica from the film to show my one day too!! Was really neat! So I got to thinking that I wonder what my Logan's Run pic would look like if I painted it now as it was done just prior to the current look of my work. I know this really goes against the changing of my work rule once my name is on it, but if Lucas can do it..........


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