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Merry Christmas 2012

Once again we are at the end of another year. It was a very trying year and my household dealt with several losses but we move on together always hoping that it will be a brighter future and that good things are on the way. May everyone who sees this have a very Merry Christmas!

More on my stylus and phone painting

So I kept experimenting and playing around with different apps and painting with my stylus on my phone. I wondered if I can paint in one app (ArtRage) and then export it and then import in into another app (Art Studio). Turns out it works!! Works great in fact and it lined up beautifully!! Here is the paint layer added to the piece, which gives it a more "painterly" feel and also the paint layer on it's own. What do you think??

Digital Doodle at Heroes Landing

This past weekend I as kindly asked to be a part of a Doctor Who themed day at my local comic shop here in Clermont. Heroes Landing. I had a good time chatting with people and meeting and listening to the Ken Spivey Band. Had a front row seat for them. Really nice people and a fun show. I had heard of them before but this was the first time I actually heard them play. I bought the CD too!! If you are a Doctor Who fan and at a show where these guys are performing, go see them. I also got to talk quite a bit with Charlie Thurston. Another talented local. This was my second show with him and I enjoyed both.

During lulls and maybe a little during the band playing, I was guilty of doodling a pic on my phone. I am still enjoying using my new stylus with my paint app. Plus a few people got a kick to see me doing it. I was even able to periodically save to a folder on my phone and then run it as a slideshow to see the progression. With music!! I wish I could export that as a movie but I had t…

New Stylus

Avid readers, and people that know me, know that I like to draw and paint on my phone and for years now have wished that it could totally replace my traditional sketchbook. I'm very lazy and carrying so much stuff is exhausting! I got pretty comfortable with working with my fingers and have done some decent landscape painting (with photo reference underneath ), but the drawing part has always been quite tedious as drawing with your finger and painting with one is very different for me. When I first got my phone all those years ago, I purchased two different styluses. Both were rubber tipped and both dragged across my screen and I had to press really hard and the drawings, as a result, sucked. I put them in a drawer and forgot about them. A few days ago, I got up to go for my morning walk and slipped when I went outside as it had rained and I didn't notice as it was dark. My rubber soled shoe slipped due to the moisture. I have no clue why it made me think of my rubber tipped s…

We interrupt this Bond.

I hate to do this. I really do but it looks as if I will have to put my James Bond series on a shelf for the time being. Turns out I have to really get going on another Star Trek pic to be done in time for MegaCon and I have to free up time as I have just committed to actually doing the art for a comic book. As a child I wanted to be a comic book artist and I even drew sample pages (I'll post them some day) and took them to conventions when I was in high school. Being the lazy individual that I am, I was not interested in drawing lamp posts and trees and such. I only really wanted to draw the characters. But I never lost my love for comics. So now I am about to dive headlong into the abyss as I was approached to contribute several pages of a graphic novel to raise money for charity. It's for cancer/hospice and that is something that my family had the unfortunate experience of dealing with earlier this year. It's also a Doctor Who themed book!! I am very nervous but very ex…

...and then there was Moore.

I grew up on Roger Moore as James Bond. My brother and I watched them on Sunday Night at the Movies and in the theater. I didn't even know that anyone else had ever played the part. "Sean Connery?? The old guy from Time Bandits???" His movies may have been a bit more corny but to a kid, who noticed?!

Lazenby. George Lazenby.

I had never seen "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" until very recently. I was surprised that is was not as bad as I have heard pretty much my whole life. Following Connery could not have been easy and I am sure that people were more accepting of Roger Moore since the blow had already been softened that another actor could play 007. I wonder if this will be the only time that I draw George Lazenby?

Shaken. Not stirred.

Have you seen Skyfall yet?? I have not. Really hoping to soon as I have seen every Bond movie since "For Your Eyes Only" on the big screen. I would have seen "Moonraker" but I felt bad for my Mom, who drove my brother and I, along with our friend Guy, to the movies that afternoon. I didn't want her to sit alone so I went with her to watch the Barbara Streisand movie, "The Main Event".

Many, many posts ago, I blogged about "accidentally" doing a James Bond picture because my digital doodle looked (to me anyway) like Daniel Craig. I put it in the back of my mind that a series of all the Bond's would be fun. I guess it's all in the timing and I have found myself doodling away in my tiny sketchbook at lunch. I should probably bring some sort of reference to draw from tho.

One More Thing about Hurricane Who 3

I totally forgot to post the two best things I got from the convention!! I was going to just add them to the last post but I think they deserve a post of their own. Before I show those, I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Mr. Tony Lee!  His words of encouragement and praise about my work was enough to send me over the moon without a Tardis!!!

And now here they are! Me with Mr. Peter Davison, the 5th Doctor himself!!!

I more than likely have stated that he is MY Doctor. I got turned on to Doctor Who by a school friend and would watch it every night after supper. On cold, New Jersey winter nights, it was perfect television! Mom would sit and watch with me and she enjoyed it as well. She always would ask me about "the one with the celery" right up until she passed away. I know you are watching Mom!

I also managed to get one of my own postcards signed by Mr. Davison and was able to give him one as well. Awesome!

After the Hurricane Who: 3

Sorry that it's taken so long to post my pictures from the recent Hurricane Who event here in Orlando, but I have to point out that most of the pictures are not actually taken by me. My wife took the majority of them and I was waiting for her to plug her iPhone into the computer to get the pics. I gave up waiting last night and just did it myself. Sorry Hon.

We had a great time again and look forward to next year! We also had a great spot with a view of an incredible Tardis that simply brought everyone right in front of us for Mindy to take a picture. I managed to get in a few as well.

Of course people love to dress up for the convention and here were just some of the ones we got to take pics of.

The Doctor, Tegan and Turlough!

Done!! Prints and posters are being readied for the Hurricane Who convention. I can't wait for people to see this one. The Fifth Doctor is MY Doctor and I still watch his episodes with fondness. I can't wait to meet him. I have never met a Doctor before and I LOVE the fact that it would be Peter Davison!! Keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly at the printers as I am cutting it close to the show. Enjoy!

Almost Ready for the Hurricane.

I think I may have finished my picture of the Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Turlough!! Yay!! Just letting it breath for a bit so I can look at it with fresh eyes in a day to see if there are any tweaks or such that I overlooked. Gonna give you a sneak peek tho!