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Drawing Tintin. Part 5.1

So once again my friend (and former classmate) Cory Thoman, took one of my posts and re-worked it and sent it back to me. This time it was my Tintin art and he showed me his down and dirty cut and paste job using a parchment background texture. My wife likes it. My son likes it too. I have to admit, I also like it. I told Cory that  I was going to start sending him all my "art" for art direction before anyone else see's it from now on. I thought about it, but then I would lose out on fun posts like this one where I get to share the experience. What do you all think?? I just wish he would give me the advice BEFORE I order cards printed!

Drawing Tintin. Part Five.

Done! I experimented with adding different textures and modified some of my painting method but nothing in the way that would be overtly obvious. Mostly for speeding up my process more than anything. I am happy with the way this turned out and I like the "European poster" feel the the graphics. I know my style is totally the opposite end of the spectrum from Herge's, but I hope Tintin fans would like in anyway.

Drawing Tintin. Part Four

So after looking at the colored sketch a bit more, I decided that I should try something else. The yellow oval in the background just looked too much like the iconic Tintin running with Snowy image that everyone has seen and if I wanted to do that, I should go ahead and just do Tintin and Snowy running. But I didn't, so I figured why not bring in another character as a design element. Almost immediately thought of using the Thompson twins! Perfect!

I hope.

I thought that worked out well so I just had to place it into the composition.

Drawing Tintin. Part Three

So the inked version is finished as well as dropping in the local color. I like the clean look here and this is where I can really tell if I like my own drawing. Seeing the clean, crisp lines with the thick and thin qualities really appeals to me. Have a I mentioned that part before in a previous posting?? I hope I am not getting repetitive. I hope I am not getting repetitive.

Drawing Tintin. Part Two

So the progression of the Tintin picture is moving right along. You might be able to see that all three characters were drawn differently. They were also drawn in various places. Tintin himself was sketched out with a red pencil in my large sketchbook (which I rarely use as I prefer my smaller, travel sized book), Haddock was sketched right on the computer and Snowy was done with a ballpoint pen in my already mentioned smaller book.  Once I assembled the pieces, I moved them into relative position and then worked up a value study and then colorized it.

Drawing Tintin. Part One

I took my family to see The Adventures of Tintin over the Christmas holiday. My wife and son didn't know the character at all and I only remembered him from watching the animated version on HBO many years ago. I feel guilty in saying I knew very little about Herge nor had I read any of the actual Tintin books that date back about 80 years. I regret not picking up a book when I saw it at a shop last year on a trip out west to Seattle too. I think it may have been a bit pricey for me at the time. We all loved the film!! It was fun and we walked out really amazed on how much we enjoyed it. I was leary of the motion capture animation as I am not too fond of the Polar Express and such, but I figured that this one was done by the same people who made The Lord of the Rings, King Kong and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. They must know what they are doing. I was right. They do!! I totally forgot about it being animated and just really enjoyed the film like you are supposed to do! It didn&#…

The Happiness Patrol (redux)

I love podcasts. As I get older I find that there is so much less to listen to on the radio and what was once my haven during long commutes, has now pretty much turned to a wasteland. I don't have satelite radio, so I am not including that in my statement. I got turned on to podcasts a few years back when I needed something new to listen to on my headphones while I was slaving away in the office. I was bored with my playlists in iTunes and looked for alternatives. I found podcasts. I downloaded a few and I was hooked. So much to choose from and you can listen when you want. What's not to love? Things looked even brighter when I got my iPhone and I was able to listen to even more podcasts while I got up early to walk several miles each day AND then listen to and from work. I needed more podcasts!! I found them. I try new ones every so often and give them a chance to stick. Oddly, most podcasts I currently listen to I found because they found me first. I found Nerdist after they…

Random Photoshop paint exercise

I have no idea what started me doodling this pic. I was probably really bored at whatever I was supposed to be doing and went off on a "creative" tangent. It's been such a long time since I attempted to digitally paint on a single layer and treat it like a traditional painting and work from dark to light. I probably failed in that, and other, departments!!

On the left is what I came up with. What a turd! I guess there are certain aspects I can take away as a positive and know that it was just an exercise but WOW what a boring picture! The one on the right is only slightly better as I re-sized and pushed the values a lot more but still boring. I will mention that up to this point I spent about fifteen minutes.

While I was riding the wave of experimentation, I thought I would bust out the liquify tool and have a go. I admit to not being very well versed with that exact tool so I threw caution to the wind. What a risk taker eh!

I kinda like where this wound up. Maybe it'…

New Year Doodles

Wow! Is it the new year already?? What the heck happened to 2011?? So life has been a bit hectic during and since the holidays and I didn't mean to go so long without a post but hey, life happens. So I only have some scratchings for you today and I hope that it's enough to keep you checking for further updates. I do have a few cool pics planned out and I just finished a cool project that I will be posting about soon.

I think I may have led off last year with a post with Pinto MacBean. I will have to go and check that out. I was hoping to do a few other Pinto pics but it just didn't happen. Maybe in 2012.

Here is another iPhone painting done at Epcot while my son and I were waiting on line to see the wonderful Candlelight Processional. And I am not just saying that because my wife sings in the chorus. Sharp eyed viewers may be able to make out the Christmas tree at the far left of the painting.