Drawing Tintin. Part One

I took my family to see The Adventures of Tintin over the Christmas holiday. My wife and son didn't know the character at all and I only remembered him from watching the animated version on HBO many years ago. I feel guilty in saying I knew very little about Herge nor had I read any of the actual Tintin books that date back about 80 years. I regret not picking up a book when I saw it at a shop last year on a trip out west to Seattle too. I think it may have been a bit pricey for me at the time. We all loved the film!! It was fun and we walked out really amazed on how much we enjoyed it. I was leary of the motion capture animation as I am not too fond of the Polar Express and such, but I figured that this one was done by the same people who made The Lord of the Rings, King Kong and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. They must know what they are doing. I was right. They do!! I totally forgot about it being animated and just really enjoyed the film like you are supposed to do! It didn't hurt (in my estimation at least) that the movie was also written by Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat!!

So since seeing the film, I have been reading up on Herge and his hero. I watched a documentary and seen bits of earlier screen versions. I have even gotten to read copies of the books and I am very impressed. I saw in the documentary how Herge had an eye for detail and how he really wanted to get things to look right and the way he blended his purely cartoon figures with his spot on drawings of cars and viking ships is really inspiring.

I didn't really set out to do a Tintin drawing. I didn't leave the movies proclaiming that "I have to draw that!" In fact, I don't think I EVER do that about anything. Anyway, I initially doodled a little something on a yellow post-it note and that was quickly followed by another. Then, of course, one thing led to another.


  1. Oh, that's going to be so cool! I just love Snowy. :)

  2. I sure HOPE it's cool! Thanks for the vote of confidence.


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