The Happiness Patrol (redux)

I love podcasts. As I get older I find that there is so much less to listen to on the radio and what was once my haven during long commutes, has now pretty much turned to a wasteland. I don't have satelite radio, so I am not including that in my statement. I got turned on to podcasts a few years back when I needed something new to listen to on my headphones while I was slaving away in the office. I was bored with my playlists in iTunes and looked for alternatives. I found podcasts. I downloaded a few and I was hooked. So much to choose from and you can listen when you want. What's not to love? Things looked even brighter when I got my iPhone and I was able to listen to even more podcasts while I got up early to walk several miles each day AND then listen to and from work. I needed more podcasts!! I found them. I try new ones every so often and give them a chance to stick. Oddly, most podcasts I currently listen to I found because they found me first. I found Nerdist after they posted my Weeping Angel art and then found Earth Station One when they used my Eleven Doctors art to advertise an episode. Even the Dirty WHOers gave me a mention on their show a few years back! Fun!

One show I really started to enjoy was The Happiness Patrol. It's a Doctor Who themed show and the cast is made up of strong personalities which makes for good listening in my opinion. During one show, the host mentioned that he lived in Orlando. I think I sent him an email, a phone call followed and then we met for lunch one day. We have shared several lunches now and I get a kick out of talking to Lewis on my bluetooth connected phone when I am driving. It's seems like the podcast can hear me!! Well, one thing led to another and Lew asked if I would freshen up the look of their blog and such. I thought it would be fun too so I agreed.

I don't have the time lapse video for this one but I do have a slew of pics of the stages involved to get to the final. Enjoy!