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Pinto MacBean Revisited

I was recently contacted by the good people of Bow Island Alberta to provide them with a vector version of my Pinto MacBean painting. As you may recall, they are using my work with my blessing, on several bits of merchandise for their 100th celebration. Sadly, I had to inform them that no vector file existed. Yet. As it turned out, I still very much enjoy drawing Pinto so I offered to re-create the work in vector form. Was pretty straightforward and they were pleased with the results. I hope the printing process is adequate. Since I created the line work and such for the new file, I also sent them a simple line drawing version for them to print and let kids color. Now you can too as I have included that here as well. Print it. Color it. Have your kids color one. Take a pic and send it to me. I would love to see! Enjoy.

While I was caught up with all this MacBean activity, I also dove back into my original file and went all George Lucas on it and now have this "enhanced" vers…

The Master Treats

So as I did with the Doctor art years past, which still garners me much traffic, I offer the Master version if you prefer the baddies. Or baddie. Whatever. Enjoy. And once again I am sorry to only to be able to offer these with watermarks as the piracy issue as been ongoing and I cannot offer them otherwise. Please don't ask, I will be forced to send a regrettable reply.

Painting on the Disney Dream

Just took a short, almost unexpected vacation. We were able to secure some rooms on the Disney Dream for a cruise for my son's eighth birthday. Lucky kid!! While we were not really planning to do this trip, we did have some circumstances that made the timing a necessity. I did manage to get some iPhone painting in. I really pushed myself with some of them and mixed several different apps to get to the finish. Sometimes that can be a pain, especially when you notice something to change, you then have to remember the order of all the other apps you used to get to the finish. I am going to have to learn how to streamline that. I am really proud of two in particular, can you pick those out??

Joe is 8!!

My son turns eight years old today!! Long time readers knows that means Dad works up a picture just for him for his birthday. Usually it is used on party invites and such but this year we will be not at home on the day of his birthday and we will be with family so no party like we have done in the past. Joe really loves his Lego's so he requested the theme himself and he really liked what I did. Here are the stages of making my son into a Lego character.

Also, while looking for reference and such when I started this project, I came across and iPhone app that takes pictures and makes them look like it was made out of Lego's! Here are some pics I made with it.

Speed Painting

So I blame Bret. We had some spare time at the end of the day recently and he coaxed me into a speed paint challenge. I didn't want to do it as I am lousy at things like that. I am way too much of a noodler. Brett can be persuasive. Had to be done right in Photoshop and it had to be done in about an hour. The concept was "winning". I avoided Charlie Sheen. This is the crap that I would up with. Maybe I need to do more exercises like this, but then again, maybe not.

Oh! And Bret never even finished his!!