John Carter of Mars. Part Six

I am really on my way to getting this done now!! Serious this time. I finally feel that I am in the home stretch and even started to think about what is next. I also took some time out to work on something for personal use. Like anything I do here is not for personal use. Really! Who am I kidding?? I was having a personal debate with myself over my "artistic pursuits" and for some time, been really wrestling with the thought of my work being very "low brow" or trivial. It may be. But I like it. You can make an argument that while I may make pictures, I am not making "art" even if I may refer to it as that from time to time. I am totally fine with that. Things have a way of presenting themselves and maybe there may come a time when I am able to "make art" but I am happy that my pictures make at least me happy. That is what is really important. I am not blessed with being able to make a living off of what I do for fun and must work a "9-5" job. Granted I work in an "art department", but trust me, nobody is making art there either! Nothing but pictures for profit and it is a real grind sometimes. They don't warn you or teach you about what I do for a living back in art school. I wonder how many students would have a change of heart, or major, if they knew that their career path would be like mine?? Hmmmmmm. Wow! I am really just rambling on at this point. I have had too much sun and wore myself out at Star Wars Weekends today. So anyway, here is some progress on what I started out writing about. Got two figures inked and ready for paint with the third not far behind. Like I said, almost done now.