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River Song

Finished this last night and sent it right out to be printed. I just mentioned recently that I usually like to take a day or two with the "finished" picture and let it breath a bit as I always find something that I need to fix or tweak. Gonna have to go on faith with this as I don't have that luxury. Luckily the few people who saw it before placing the print order all liked it and that really bolstered my confidence. I am really looking forward to the show on the 28th and meeting Alex Kingston in person.  You should come out and join us if you can. You can find the information to Hurricane Who Summer night here. I will have (good printing permitting) both my large cards of this art ($2) and 11x17 posters ($10) as well as my other Doctor Who pictures including The Master! Come check it out. Hope to see you there.

Rushing River Song

You may remember that last November I had a table at the Hurricane Who event here in Orlando, Florida. Well on June 28th, they are hosting a one night only event with Alex Kingston. I originally signed up merely to attend the show but was then contacted and offered to have my table there as well. I readily accepted. This sent me on a mission to complete a new Doctor Who picture featuring River Song to commemorate the event. I actually began with an iPhone doodle while I was waiting on line at the Pirates of the Caribbean in the Magic Kingdom.

Armed with that I began to scribble in my tiny sketchbook.

This proceeded quickly to the finished pencil drawing.

Here is the plain, black ink line and the flat colors added. Painting is underway.

Information on the event can be found here.

John Carter of Mars!

Well here it is! I know that there might be someone out there that was waiting to see the final. Besides me. This has really been a journey and dragged everyone with me as I came so close to finishing so long ago just to scrap things and start over and over again. Did it make it all worthwhile?? For me, yes. I think it did. What do you think? I'd like to know.

You can purchase merchandise with this art on it here.

John Carter of Mars. Part Eight.

Ok. I admit that I am holding out now. I actually finished it last night but I am not showing it yet. I always find bits and pieces that need tweaking a day after so I figured let it settle and then show it. I am not coming to the party empty handed tho. Here is the finished, painted Deja and the "flat-colored" version of the art. Enjoy!

John Carter of Mars. Part Seven.

I don't even know what to say anymore. I am really plugging away at getting this done!!

Got the inks done for Deja and she is ready for paint.

For a day I began second-guessing the pose for Tars again and did a few variations by just modifying the vector art. Gotta love the digital age for that at least!!

Of course, after this exploration, I simply went back to the pose I had before all the re-workings. Got some painting done on him tho.

Also just about done with the painting stage of John Carter himself. He was fun as I incorporated some confederate motif's to his outfit like the crest on his chest plate and the decoration on his arm band. These were actual bits that a Confederate captain had on his sleeves and hat during the Civil War. His gun is also a Civil War revolver. His boots are an homage to the Gil Kane/Dave Cockrum drawn Marvel comic of the 70's. For his sword, I figured that since this book inspired George Lucas, Star Wars can now influence some back.