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Some Old Acrylic

I can't remember if I had ever mentioned it here, but when I was back in school I had the hardest time learning how to paint with acrylics. I really didn't know how to paint at all to be honest and didn't really get how to take advantage of the properties and benefits of acrylic paint. I had a great teacher who tried to teach me, but I was much too thick headed to understand what he was saying at that time. I'm still that way. Luckily I have been blessed with being able to remember the lesson years later when a light finally shines on my brain and I understand what they were trying to teach me. In my senior year, I started to just scratch the surface of what could be done with the medium and I would do these quick, small studies to practice. Some of these were done in the middle of the night as I could not sleep when I would think of a process or such to try and there would be no sleeping until I got up and tried. Fun days!! So without any further ramblings, here are t…

The Ghost Who Walks!

Once again you have arrived at the reveal of the final part of my creation process. I hope it was worth the wait. Here he is, Lee Falk's "The Phantom"!!

The Ghost Who Walks. Part Two

Go back and read Part One if you are falling behind with the inner workings of me creating a picture. I don't really have too much to add to this that I have not already covered in the last post. The work progressed pretty much as planned and was steady sailing.  I did create type for the picture, as I am sometimes inclined to do but this time I dropped it from the final as I was not really loving it. I did keep it for the "flat color" version you see here. This is pretty much what the art is looking like before I "paint" it. My work is really just jazzed up, textured cartoon art.

Here is a progression of the main character.

The Ghost Who Walks. Part One

I really gotta admit here that I was never that big a fan of The Phantom. I never read the comic strip, I only own one comic book with the character but that is mainly because of the cover art, and the movie with Billy Zane was ............. not too good. But it got better! "What are you talking about Jon??" Well, A few months ago I read someones blog about how certain movies are actually better in black and white. He showed some stills that he converted to validate his claim and I was curious. His main example, however, was not The Phantom, but the original Indiana Jones adventure "Raiders of the Lost Ark". He was right. I downloaded a free program and converted an iTunes file of the film. Awesome!! Looks and feels like an old Warner Bros. horror movie. I can't remember what sparked the idea to try it again with a different movie, but somehow The Phantom did come to mind. Maybe since it was a period picture helped. Whatever the reason was, it worked. It does n…

Hawaiian Triptych

My wife and I recently had the need to re-decorate a room in the house. We decided to have some fun with it and make it useful still. A guest room alone can be limiting so we bought a sleeper sofa instead and made it a lounge area with a bit of a retro, Hawaiian slant. I even painted a GIANT, graphic pineapple in one corner! Mindy found the coolest palm tree lamp and I had the brilliant idea of modifying some old, unused t-shirt designs into a themed triptych to be printed on canvas. They turned out great! I originally would have wanted longer panels but that was not in our budget so we got three 16 x 20 prints and we are very pleased with the results. I wish I had some better pics to share but all I have are what I took with my phone. Enjoy!


Remember when I did that John Carter piece not too long ago?? Yes? Great! No? Go here and catch up. So, I had many revisions while laboring over that particular picture and entire characters were totally changed. That meant that I had unused artwork laying around my studio. Leftovers. I don't mind having leftovers but my wife Mindy has other thoughts on the subject. Some things get better after sitting for a day or two, like lasagana or socks. You know what I am talking about! So with little free time and with too much procrastination with producing anything new (just kidding. I got new stuff coming.), I decided to finish off one of the original drawings made for the John Carter picture. A simple finish, just ink and flat color.

So what do you think about leftovers?? I'd like to hear your input on the topic.

Coloring Ant-Man

I don't really make it a habit to find other peoples drawings on line and take it upon myself to add color as I see fit. I used to do it when Photoshop was new to me and it was simply good practice but that was a long time ago and I cannot even recall what the picture was that I last colored like that. Well, as readers of my blog may know, I am a HUGE fan of the comic artist George Perez. He recently posted a commission piece he did and I could not help myself. I had to color it. It's an inked head shot of Ant-Man!! You know I love Ant-Man!! I have a sketch of the character from Mr. Perez myself. You can go and read about it here. I didn't go crazy with the color, didn't want to take anything away from the original and considering how long I have been working with digital color now, I didn't really spend too much time on it either. Was fun!

My apologies to Mr. Perez. I DID make a slight change to the art. I always preferred the higher collar on his costume, so I co…

Paul's Shirt

Paul Bradford, one of the Ghost Hunters International, asked me if I could help him out with a single color t-shirt design. With a Doctor Who flavor. "Sure.", I said, "Sounds like fun!". When we finally got down to brass tacks tho, I was feeling a bit under the weather and we now had a deadline looming as well. Thank goodness for smart phones! I could not have imagined how this would have gone down in years past, but thanks to modern technology I was able to sketch in my book, take a photo of it and text it right to Paul for feedback! How cool!! I really like my first idea for him but it would have been too hard to read in a single color print. It had Paul with his 3D glasses, a Ghostbuster jumpsuit with proton pack and holding a sonic screwdriver! Anyway, we went with a simple headshot with basic text and Gallifreyan symbols rounding out the design. On the back it repeats and then a "concert style" checklist is added. Nice touch. Scott Tepperman told me …

Meeting River Song

So you know by now that I was rushing to finish a picture to have ready for a Hurricane Who Summer Night that the lovely Alex Kingston was attending. Turned out to be a really fun night. Got to see friends from previous shows and meet some new people as well. Got my River Song picture done and it seemed to go over quite well. I even sold the original art to a young girl and then joked with her that if she got it signed by Alex to come back and show me. She did!! I thought it was really cool of her to actually make it back to me and allow me to take a picture of it but I thought it was even cooler that she was SO excited about having a hand drawn picture of a character and then got it signed by them! Awesome! We were seated in the very same room that the Q&A was done, so we got to listen in, which was really nice. The Ghost Hunters International were set up right next to me again and that is always fun as I feel like Scott and Paul are now friends. As the evening wore down, and I b…