Paul's Shirt

Paul Bradford, one of the Ghost Hunters International, asked me if I could help him out with a single color t-shirt design. With a Doctor Who flavor. "Sure.", I said, "Sounds like fun!". When we finally got down to brass tacks tho, I was feeling a bit under the weather and we now had a deadline looming as well. Thank goodness for smart phones! I could not have imagined how this would have gone down in years past, but thanks to modern technology I was able to sketch in my book, take a photo of it and text it right to Paul for feedback! How cool!! I really like my first idea for him but it would have been too hard to read in a single color print. It had Paul with his 3D glasses, a Ghostbuster jumpsuit with proton pack and holding a sonic screwdriver! Anyway, we went with a simple headshot with basic text and Gallifreyan symbols rounding out the design. On the back it repeats and then a "concert style" checklist is added. Nice touch. Scott Tepperman told me it was his idea. Cool.

Well, here are those fever induced sketches that were texted and the final design. You can also follow Paul on his own blog as he is a major whovian (and British) himself.

My original doodle.

Simpler design.

Design elements added while in direct conversation with Paul.

Final art.


  1. He's a lucky guy to get to work with you, and the final result is gorgeous. Nice job!

  2. I certainly am lucky, Jon is a good guy and someone I would class as a good friend.


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