Some Old Acrylic

I can't remember if I had ever mentioned it here, but when I was back in school I had the hardest time learning how to paint with acrylics. I really didn't know how to paint at all to be honest and didn't really get how to take advantage of the properties and benefits of acrylic paint. I had a great teacher who tried to teach me, but I was much too thick headed to understand what he was saying at that time. I'm still that way. Luckily I have been blessed with being able to remember the lesson years later when a light finally shines on my brain and I understand what they were trying to teach me. In my senior year, I started to just scratch the surface of what could be done with the medium and I would do these quick, small studies to practice. Some of these were done in the middle of the night as I could not sleep when I would think of a process or such to try and there would be no sleeping until I got up and tried. Fun days!! So without any further ramblings, here are two of those late night forays that I recently found scans of. Enjoy!


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