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Spock and Scotty

I love drawing Mr. Spock and I think I already elaborated that point in yesterday's post. Drawing Scotty was more like drawing Shatner. Kind of a pain and I don't know if I really pulled it off. Not that I am dissatisfied, just hesitant. I still like it tho. Still plugging along.

Kirk and Bones

Painting progress on the Trek piece is underway!! Here are two done so far. I have to say that I think William Shatner is the hardest person to draw. It might be easier to draw an old Shatner rather than a young one because you can ( watch the pun!) draw on the wrinkles and such to give your pic character. I think that is why Bones and Spock went really quickly. Good looking, smooth skin men are much harder. I found that to be true when I did my Doctor Who series as well. The younger, good looking fifth and sixth Doctors were much more challenging than the others. Now you can ask, "What about Matt Smith or David Tennant? They are young and good looking." Yes they are, but their faces had a LOT of character! Look at Matt's hair and chin! David's eyes and nose! Ah! I rant and ramble on. I gotta go paint Sulu.

Trekking Forward 2

Just a really quick update today. Have all the characters inked and started to paint. Here is a peek at the inked and (flat)colored art so far. To be honest, there were some tweaks done here and there from what you can see here.

Trekking Forward

Moving along with my Star Trek pic. Did I mention that I will be at the Star Trek Experience here in Orlando on October 20th?? Hoping to get this all done and printed for the day. If it goes well I hope to make this a first in a series. I had already posted some doodles for this in a previous post, so go backwards if you feel the need to see those. Here is my Spock and Bones sketches done on my new Asus tablet. Getting the hang of it and I will post about that in the near future as well.

Is it in the blood?

I had always heard that my great-grandfather was an artist in Italy and one of the reasons that my grandmother was part of an arranged marriage was that he did not want her to be married to an artist that had her in his sights. We also know that he personally brought Grandma here to America and stayed for a bit and painted murals in funeral parlors and things of the like in the New York area. We don't know if any of these still exist. While cleaning out Mom's things, we came across an oil painting on board simply signed "Lopreste". It's a bit broken up around the edges and it needs a frame and such, but I think it's absolutely fabulous that we have this. I find it ironic that that I make my living as an artist as well. So. Is it in the blood?? Was I destined to be an artist and paint like my great-grandfather. I don't know. Turns out, he was Grandma's step-father. Her actual father had gone to serve in the army before she was born and never came home.…

Happy Birthday Star Trek

I am not old enough to remember Star Trek being on television as first run. I am of the generation that grew up with it and let it flourish on syndication. I watched the animated version on Saturday mornings. I ate cereal (and still do, by the way) out of my Star Trek cereal bowl. I played with the Mego figures and once owned toy phasers as well. I saw all the movies in the theater and was startled when my Mom began crying when Spock died in Wrath of Khan.  I am a Trekkie. Or Trekker. I really don't know what the proper title is anymore. But I do love me some Trek! So what better time to let you know that I have been invited to set up shop at The Star Trek Experience (find them on Facebook here.) on October 20th, 2012 from noon to nine! I am working on having some new Star Trek pics ready for purchase and signing as well as my other stuff. Also, I just uploaded my TOS art as an iPhone case at Red Bubble so check that out as well.

Live Long and Prosper!!!