Kirk and Bones

Painting progress on the Trek piece is underway!! Here are two done so far. I have to say that I think William Shatner is the hardest person to draw. It might be easier to draw an old Shatner rather than a young one because you can ( watch the pun!) draw on the wrinkles and such to give your pic character. I think that is why Bones and Spock went really quickly. Good looking, smooth skin men are much harder. I found that to be true when I did my Doctor Who series as well. The younger, good looking fifth and sixth Doctors were much more challenging than the others. Now you can ask, "What about Matt Smith or David Tennant? They are young and good looking." Yes they are, but their faces had a LOT of character! Look at Matt's hair and chin! David's eyes and nose! Ah! I rant and ramble on. I gotta go paint Sulu.