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Another Look Back

Seems like every year around this time I find old work to show here and blog about. It's almost become a tradition. Mainly I think it stems from the fact that I don't do much personal drawing during the holiday season as time is never there for it so I am left with a void of material to talk about. Maybe I am just lazy. I actually do have several pics all done and ready but I am not able to show them for one reason or another but I digress.

This first pic was done back in my junior year at Ringling and the topic was "music censorship". I still like the concept of my pic if not the execution. This was also an experiment with painting with alkyds on board as well.

This next one was done early in my senior year and I think I was getting lazy or was looking for a different look to my work and use a "character" rather than drawing such realistic people. It says "Spam" but it's really just crap.

This one I may, or may not have, shared before. See, I…

I did that??

Have you ever gone back into your archieves looking for a specific file and stumble across things that you forgot you had or not seen in a while?? Or how about finding stuff you have absolutley no memory of having done at all!! This happened to me just yesterday and the bad thing is, I never found what I was initially looking for.

This looks like something that was out of an old sketchbook done with pen and wash but why did I do it?? The guy is smoking for crying out loud!!

This next one seems to be a quick study/test done in ArtRage. I can't imagine it was done for anything in particular.

THis last one is the real kicker. I have no clue what or why. Go figure.

Holiday Phone Painting

So over the Christmas holiday, like many, I had some family in town to visit. As we do when we have visitors, we head to Disney to have some fun. I must say that I love the theme parks when they are decorated for Christmas. I love the parade and the music and the whole bit!! I even loved it when I worked there. So we headed out and I got to guard our space we staked out on Main Street USA for the parade. I was a perfect day and I used the time to do a bit of landscape painting as I have not done that in some time now. I know that I am cheating when I paint on my phone, but it makes me feel creative. I finished the first one from start to finish right there on the spot. The second one, as it was late and dark out, I took home and finished at my leisure over the next day or so. Enjoy!