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A few months ago, a nice fellow named Paul Smith from Wonderful Books contacted me about contributing a piece for the new publication that can be read about here. I have to say that I only hesitated for a moment as he asked me to draw Wilf. Now I know that Bernard Cribbins is a huge star in England, but I really only know him from Doctor Who. And before he was Wilf. I know him from the Peter Cushing Doctor Who movie from the sixties as I had that movie on VHS years ago! And I really enjoyed his character Wilf as well.

Let's start with the final as it shows up on the thumbnail for the blog. What better reason to start that way.

 Now I can go back to the beginning and show the rest of the journey.

A Few More from MegaCon

I really thought Mindy took more pictures. Oh well. I also regret not taking my phone with me as a did a quick run thru the show just before the doors open. I ran over to meet two artists that I have been wanting to meet (and spend some money at). Mark Bagley was the first one I got to go see. We chatted a bit as we are both former Ringling students, but alas, Mark does not have the same fond memories of my alma mater as I do but he was really nice and I got an awesome Spider-Man print signed for me. I then went and got to talk to the legendary Neal Adams! Neal was super nice as well and I got an terrific print of Green Lantern signed by him. I so wish I could have taken pics with them. Maybe next time.

Post MegaCon post

I really had a good time at MegaCon. Seeing artists I already know and catching up, meeting artists I always admired, talking to LOTS of people. What's not to like??? Plus my wife was right by my side the entire time. I couldn't do these shows (or any thing else in life) without her. I still get really nervous before any of these shows (listen to me. Like I have done a ton of these!) but the nerves settle down really quickly once I get talking to the guests. I have to say that I did learn quite a bit doing a big show that I will need to keep in mind for future events. I didn't just learn by doing, but from generous advice from fellow artists. You know who you are! Thanks so much for sharing. I can't wait to do a big show again.

Here are some random shots from my phone. Have to sort out the art I collected as well as Mindy's pics too. More to come soon.

Now doing a big show doesn't really let you get close with the "stars" like a small show does, but o…

Free Stuff at MegaCon!!

Who doesn't like free stuff?? Who reads my blog?? Tell ya what I am going to do: The first two people each day of MegaCon who come up to my table and tell me or my wife "I love your blog!", gets two free postcards! How is that? Hey! I'm not rich ya know!

Hope to see you there!

Countdown to MegaCon!

Just a few days now until MegaCon. I am getting really nervous as I tend to do before a show. Plus this is my first "big" show and I don't know how well my stuff will go over with the crowd. I know I am driving my wife Mindy crazy with my anxiety of it all. Mindy talked me into a whole new display as well as some new items for sale as well. We will have three bumper stickers (two Star Trek and Doctor Who) as well as mugs of the Eleven Doctors! My crappy phone pics do not do these items justice to stop by (Brown 5) and check them out.

Did I mention where I am at?? BROWN 5!! Yeah!! I sound like a pilot for the really bad squadron of X-wing pilots. "Brown 5 checking in!". So if you are in Artist Alley (and even if you are not ) come over to Brown 5 and have a chat. I'd love to see ya!

And for those who would just like to make a bee-line right to my table, here is a handy map! Brown 5!!!

Star Trek: The Next Generation

It's reveal time once again. Does anybody love that more than me?? No way!! I know I have been teasing this one for a bit and the gap was a bit longer than I anticipated due to being really lazy. Busy too but I just can't bring myself to lie you to you all.

I am pretty pleased how it turned out but getting it done was a bit of a chore. I made it so it could hang right along with the Original Series version of this. Tried to go for a Rockwell inspired, one point composition also and that turned out to be my downfall. I got really bored drawing all those faces in one point and not having any gesture in the picture. The first one was bad enough but now I had to follow thru with a second one! Ugh!! I hope it was worth it in the end. I think it was. What do you think??

Bonus!! It's all ready for MegaCon!! Posters, postcards, bumperstickers have all arrived to my door with this art on it ready to sell at the show where all these cast members are going to appear!! Yay!!!


So I hope that everyone has had a great weekend! I sure did! My family took a break from house renovations and just enjoyed the cool weather here in Central Florida. I did lots of doodling as well for an upcoming picture I want to draw! More on that later.

So here is the final portrait of my Star Trek:The Next Generation poster for MegaCon. The captain himself, Jean-Luc Picard! And as usual you can see the sketch all the way to the final.



Almost done! Here he is in all his bearded glory, Cmdr. Riker! Once again you can see the full progression from sketch to final, however, the inked version was not the final one as it is still in the "deadline" mode. Which is my language when I am inking digitally. I initially just go in and "trace" my drawing with the basic pen tool. Once it's all there, then I go back and add my tapered points and thick and thin lines. I didn't notice that I forgot this step until it was placed into my Photoshop file as a smart object so I just did it from there. We all make mistakes, and I am just thankful that I caught it!!