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The Lone Ranger. Part Ten

Now that I have my background laid out, I can place my inked figures into it and see if any adjustments need to be made. I really enjoy this stage to see the art all clean and clear, knowing that the painting stage is next, I need to know that all my shapes are clear and my silhouette's are clear. Painting can only enhance a good drawing, it can't save it.

OK. Ready for paint!!!

The Lone Ranger. Part Nine

So with both figures moving right along, I turned my attention to the background. Working in Illustrator as much as possible now to keep it clean and editable. Much of the vector work is exported out as smart objects. Just in case you wanted to know that. Even in vector form, I still try to keep a basic painting principal in mind of little shapes on top of big shapes. So I am working with the biggest pieces here.

With all the big shapes in place, I can now go back and start to define each area with a bit more detail.

The Lone Ranger. Part Eight

Love the inking stage! Finally got the time to sit down and ink the Ranger and lay in the flat color as well. Usually the flat layers and inking is enough for me to have selections needed for the painting stage, but when a character has an overall single color, like much of the Ranger's outfit, I make a wildly colorful selection layer that exists solely for the selections and nothing else. Except maybe to blog about!

The Lone Ranger. Part Seven

The most important aspect to the Lone Ranger, must be his mask. I always preferred the full nose mask myself. The one that was used as the logo for the old comic books. The one that John Hart wore when he briefly replaced Clayton Moore. You can see samples here.

As a kid playing with my Lone Ranger figure, I even turned his removable mask over in order it to cover the nose. I know most people use the open nose version and that the "new" Ranger also sports the open variety, but this is MY take on the new look. Should I cover the nose or use the more open traditional one???

Someone give an opinion. Don't be shy.

The Lone Ranger. Part Six

OK. Who's still with me?? Anyone? Well anyway, here we go again! Moving on to the Ranger himself now. Not as much struggle with him as there was with Tonto so for that I am grateful and this was really fun to work on. My enthusiasm is running high for this as the latest trailer just hit yesterday and it looks really good in my humble opinion. I know that there are plenty of naysayers out there that never want to see the Lone Ranger out of his blue suit and are ticked off with Johnny Depp playing a native American. I don't see the big deal. They didn't put the Ranger in a purple suit or make it look like it's made of rubber like a lot of super hero suits out there now and he didn't always wear a blue suit either. I like the new look. I like the old look as well. I can accept both. As far as Johnny Depp as Tonto? Who cares if he is native American or not! I don't. He's an actor. People seemed to get bent out of shape over these things. Didn't some folk ge…

The Lone Ranger. Part Five

True to my word, I started, and completed, inking Tonto. Not much drama in this stage of the process. Went as smooth as I would have imagined. May have to dial in the colors in the painting stage but that is normal. I usually just try to get colors in the ballpark while it's in Illustrator as it's simple enough to tweak later and adjust for color correctness and harmony with the over all piece.

The Lone Ranger. Part Four

Really starting to explore the Tonto figure. I knew that the arms were a problem and at first, I must admit, that I deluded myself to think that the details and such would "correct" the problems. I know. I know. I should have known better than that at this stage in my life. A solid drawing is everything, but I thought it best to be honest here and show that we all fall into that trap once in awhile. Having it looked at by a fresh set of eyes always helps too, so I did have my co-worker, Bret Melvin, take a look as well. Thanks Bret!

Okay. Now I think I can start to ink this one.

The Lone Ranger. Part Three

Really have not gotten much done for a few days as I was at Tampa Bay Comicon. Was fun to be in a hotel as our house is currently torn up for new floors and bathroom. Plus my son LOVES being in a hotel, but I think most kids love being in hotels! We did well and met lots of people and I even got to shoot the breeze with the legendary Bob Layton. I really should keep my camera on me for these meetings.

So, here is my working sketches for the Ranger and Tonto as well as an updated composition. I started to focus more on the Ranger as Tonto's pose was causing me some problems and I thought the best thing to do was to put it aside and go back to it later with fresh eyes.

The Lone Ranger. Part Two

So as I was saying, I scrapped my initial rough composition and went with a different one that is visible in my sketchbook scan on my last post. Had a nice gesture to it and that got me going so I set forth exploring the figure. I worked mostly digital on my tablet for most of these and really started to like it more and more. I also did one or two in the more traditional method and incorporated them into the working comp as well. Really starting to see some promise at this early stage. Hope I don't blow it!

Here are lots of the pieces starting to come together.

The Lone Ranger. Part One

So here I go again with another multi-part post in order to have stuff to blog about and keep you coming back for more wondering when that final posting will come so you can see the only thing you really want to see. The final picture. Well, you are just going to have to be patient and bear with me as I drag this one out.

I have been a fan of The Lone Ranger for as long as I can remember. I watched re-runs of Clayton Moore (and John Hart, lets be fair here.) as a young boy and my dad took my brother and I to meet Lone Rangers at local super-market openings and such back in the early 1970's. I don't have any pictures of meeting them but I really doubt that I actually posed with either masked man. I will be really pissed if I ever come to find out that I did indeed meet a screen legend and fail to have a memento of it! My favorite childhood Christmas was when I received my Lone Ranger and Silver figures made by Gabriel!! They are still on my shelf sitting above me as I write thi…

Tampa Bay Comicon!

Hey! I forgot to mention that I will be at Tampa Bay Comicon this weekend, April 6-7. I have never been to this show but my family and I are really looking forward to a weekend away as well as taking in a new show. Come out and see me and all the other nerdiness! The website for the show can be found here.

I also want to point out that with this posting, I have been successfully adding to my blog every month without fail, for five straight years now. Sure my blog started before that, but the last time I went a month without posting was way back in March of 2008.

So naturally that I have brought this fact to everyone's attention is when my blogging becomes erratic, right?