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The Dynamic Duo. Part Three

Finally got The Joker painted!! I loved painting the moustache under the make-up! So much fun. I have to admit, I don't think I ever noticed that the moustache was there when I watched as a kid. Someone had to point it out to me. Am I the only one??

The Dynamic Duo. Part Two

Being home full time has done wonders with how much I can get done in a day! Imagine how much I could finish if all I had to do was draw my pictures!! So anyway, Batman and Robin are moving right along and I am happy with the results so far so I thought it would be time to go ahead and show you the final (?) sketches with some color added and the inked versions of Batman and Robin.

The Dynamic Duo. Part One

There is a show coming up in August over in Tampa called Fanboy Expo that I will be attending. I was initially drawn to the show because Batman and Robin, Adam West and Burt Ward, were scheduled to appear. Unfortunately they had to cancel for health reasons. I know that is really going to cut into my sales as I was prepping a new picture to debut at that show. They have other guests now, but I doubtfully have enough time to do another poster in time for the event. We will see. I am not abandoning my Batman and Robin picture though. I am having way too much fun researching this and drawing these people. As my followers on Facebook can attest, I have been working regularly on it as I have been posting dribs and drabs of the progress. I am not forgetting all the people who read and follow the blog and am here to finally post some real pics of my work in progress rather than the odd iPhone snapshot of me working.


My Shop is NOW OPEN!!

It's finally ready! I can now offer the same cards and posters that you see me hawking at shows right here online. I will gladly sign any of the prints as well, so just ask. Nothing will be signed unless you do ask so nobody yells at me for scribbles on their prints. Also, I am really happy with the boxes everything gets shipped in. Lightweight yet sturdy so everything should arrive in perfect condition. I am currently offering a flat rate for domestic shipping and handling (continental U.S. only), so the more you buy the more you can save on the shipping so buy a lot or go in with a friend and pay one price for the freight!! As a special bonus I will give a FREE 11x17 paper stock poster of The Masters to the first 10 orders!!

A Little Golden Book?

Sort of. I have not really done any mash-ups or such yet, but I looked at this as more of an homage. Some may now that I have been working on a children's book and using a much different style for those illustrations. It suddenly occurred to me that I can work in that style for a Doctor Who picture as well. Everything then, very quickly, fell into place. Even to call it "Little Gallifrey Look" and make my own spine. My wife Mindy REALLY likes this piece and can't wait to show people. She even jumped the gun and showed people the color mock up a few weeks ago!

I have ideas for other pictures in this style. In fact, not only did I show everyone the thumbnail for this piece previously (Yup. Go check it out. Early June 2013, "What's in the hopper?") but I also showed my idea for a 4th Doctor one as well.
In case you missed it, I posted the original thumbnail for this picture once again here.


Paul's Dalek.

I have not inked someone else's work in quite some time. Not that I dislike it it's just that nobody has asked me. So recently a friend of mine, let's call him Paul, asked me if I could help him clean up his drawing of a Dalek for a shirt design he was doing. "Send it to me.", I said and I inked it that night. Was pretty straightforward. He only needed a black outline, but I went ahead and did a color version for the heck of it. So without further adieu, here is Paul's Dalek.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Poster!!!

I was recently asked if I wanted to take part in a one day poster sale over at Victory Deluxe. Sounded like fun so I said, "what the heck!". It goes on sale tomorrow!! One day only!! Did I mention that?? I was asked to post my 11 Doctors piece but gave them a slightly re-worked version of the piece to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the show. So it has some modified colors and text and is only available for one day only!! Ha! Also, it's 11x17 and only $6.99 with free shipping!!! What!? Yes. Only $6.99!! Buy two! Why not? It's payday for most of you, make it a payday for me. I'm out of work! (seriously.)

This and the few that I have on hand of my current stock will be the end of me selling this piece as Matt Smith has announced his departure from the show. The good news is that, obviously, there will be a new piece soon to replace it with the yet to be seen 12th Doctor!!

You can find the website at the link in the first line or on Facebook.

So mark your calend…

What's In The Hopper?

I always have several ideas for future pics running thru my head at all times. Sometimes it's really just inspiration hitting me from watching a movie or TV show, maybe it's from seeing a painting that someone else did, who knows. Inspiration comes from any and all places. If you ever catch a glimpse of my horrid little sketchbook, you may even see a list in the front page of things I would like to draw. Now when I started doing this whole "fan art" thing in earnest, I really just did what I wanted and was not dictated by anything! Oh the purity of it! Now, I don't feel I have strayed from that but I have done pieces because I thought they would sell better at certain shows, but I always wanted to draw that pic anyway. It does not always pan out to make me more money either. For instance last November I did the Fifth Doctor picture because I was very excited to meet Peter Davison and he was the guest of honor at the Doctor Who show. Was it my top seller that week…