Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Dynamic Duo. Part Five

Did anyone else out there find it hard to believe that the guy training Rocky to fight Apollo Creed used to tangle with Batman? I was blown away when my older brother told me that when we left the movie theater after seeing Rocky way back in the day. Yes. I am old!! So many of you that follow along on Facebook know that the Penguin gave me a bit of a challenge. I was too obsessed with showcasing the big nose that I could not get a pose that worked for my composition. After a night of, well, failure, I decided to not think about the nose at all and let the other iconic paraphernalia work for me instead. After all, he has a purple top hat, a monocle and a cigarette holder to focus on!! Isn't that always the way. Once I did that, it just seemed to draw itself.

So I made a picture with the progression of the drawings and you can clearly see my missteps right up front. I also included the full color pic and the value study I also had laying around.



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