Sixth Doctor Poster. Part One

I am really trying to gear up for Hurricane Who again this year (as well as a few other shows) and I want a whole bunch of new work. Colin Baker (yes, the sixth Doctor) is slated to be here this year and I am pretty excited about it. Even tho the fifth was MY Doctor, the regeneration into Colin was the first one I got to watch. I hear nothing but good things about Mr. Baker so I hope I get the chance to meet him if even for a moment.

I started this one off drawing on my tablet while watching TV. I am doing more and more of that lately and I love it! It's a really rough sketch to be sure but it was enough to go on. Thought I would be a bit more "design-y" with this one and maybe play off the bold patterns of his iconic costume.

Here is my original sketch. Pretty loose and quick.

Here are the traditionally drawn pose for the character. Two drawings really that have been spliced (or as I call it: Frankensteined) together.

Now of course comes the "ink and paint" stage. Not really painting but the flat color. All done in Illustrator.

At this stage, I knew I wanted head shots of his two companions so before I got too far ahead of myself, I digitally sketched them out.

Working back into my composition, I spliced all my elements together and started to refine my background. Lots of work ahead for that!!