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Ok! Here it is people. Michonne of The Walking Dead!! I like how this came out and I am liking the graphic look of the zombies behind her. I hope you all like it as well! This one went so quick that I think I will do another horror figure next. Maybe more of a classic character. Hmmmmm.........

Michonne. Part Three

Color got laid in and the inking and compositing of the zombies and Michonne are done to this point. I re-worked the color scheme from my earlier Photoshop comp as red just seemed to work much better for this and I liked the contrast better. The harshness of the black and white zombies felt over powering as well and I wanted to keep the focus on Michonne obviously. Thought this would help with that as well. All that is left now is the painting stage!

On a side note, today also marks the anniversary of my very first blog post six years ago!! I can't believe it has been that long. And from such humble beginnings. Don't believe me?? Check out the very first post yourself. It's right here. Things have certainly changed since then. No Facebook or shop but I was still supporting an actual web-site, was called "The Pinto Post",  etc., etc. Happy Birthday Blog!!!

Michonne. Part Two

This is a picture that I need to move pretty quick on in order to get it printed in time and luckily the design was kept pretty simple so I didn't have to panic or pull an all nighter!! Not as young as I used to be ya' know! Back to simple. Seriously? It's only a bust in one point perspective and you only see one hand!!! Maybe I should not be pointed all this out. Best foot forward and all. Whatever!! Here is the final pencil drawing as well as the one for the zombie and the inking stages as well. Enjoy!!

Here is the zombie pencils as well. Knew that he (they) will be handled more "graphically, I didn't have to do too much with it.

Michonne. Part One

My wife, Mindy, has been after me to do a Walking Dead picture for months!!! We watch the show and really enjoy it but neither of us have ever read the comic version. I think that it's ok that we have not as we are totally experiencing it for the first time. I know that Kirkman has changed it up a bit but you know what I mean. So since I am going to at Spooky Empire this year (my first time!), I thought it would be a good idea to have SOME horror stuff to put out there. And like my wife, people said "Do the Walking Dead"! I finally relented after I mentally accepted the fact that I don't have to draw the entire cast in one picture. I can do that later! One main character would be enough for now and Michonne and her zombies seemed like a fun choice. I doodled the idea down in my sketchbook while in car line and then brought it into Photoshop to over-work once again, but at least I knew where I was heading!

Here are the doodle and the expanded version.

Here is yet anot…

Lil' Doc 4

Not going to drag this one out forever. Got to keep moving on. I really enjoy doing these type pictures to help break up the sometimes routine feeling I get doing my other work. I hope you like this as well as I hope to do more, but which Doctor next???

Lil' Doc 4. Part Two

Inking went pretty quick for this. Got it all done early on Saturday morning as everyone else in the house was still sleeping. Normally I would ink each character in their own file and then tweak the lines to give it the thick and thin look I normally employ but for this I simply traced it all, filled with flat color and then converted all the lines to a custom setting using a uniform taper. Looks good already but I know that most of the lines will be deleted anyway.

Here it is composited back into the full composition with the flat color added and those lines deleted like I already mentioned.

Time to paint and distress!!

Lil' Doc 4. Part One

I had this in my sketchbook for a long time as I originally drew it back when I did the Lil' Doc 11 picture. I just finally got around to finishing this one as I grind my way to add lots of new work for Hurricane Who this year. Still got lots planned and I don't know if I will be able to finish them all! The idea for this came out of the blue and onto my paper and I never changed the original concept. Love when that happens!!! Here is the original concept (stretched a bit in Photoshop to fit my printer specs) and the almost final drawings.



Yeah! All caps in post title! How can you not?? It's freakin' Ultraman!!! This one was so much fun to do and I wish they all went this smooth! Hope all the fans of the show that see this like it, and if you have never seen it, there is always YouTube.


Ultrman. Part Four

Paint!!! I love this stage of the process. This is when I can't stop working and even going to dinner with my family seems like a chore!! Not really. Well, ....yeah. A little bit. The lights and shows, the reflected light!! Really makes the piece come alive!! IT"S ALIVE!!!!!

Ultraman. Part Three

Background is up and running!! Yes!! Plus I have my figure to paste in to see how it is all shaping up and I actually still like the pic!! Sharp eyed viewers will spot the "floating poster" meant to be part of some debris is a poster for the Science Patrol. Now I didn't think of how to incorporate Ultraman's alter ego into the poster but I did come across a super cool poster for the Science Patrol!! I only wish I took notice of who did it!! Ugh!!! I am going to have to go back and look again to find it to give proper credit.

Here is the AWESOME poster!!!

Ultraman. Part Two

Moving right along with this. Might have something to with having a really clear path of what I want to do and having the thumbnail as well. Fun perspective too! Hope I can pull it off. Here is the development of Ultraman himself from pencil to ink. As usual, it was done paper on pencil to start and then inked in Illustrator.

Ultraman. Part One

Not too long ago, I was turned on to Ultraman (thanks Randy!). Now, I had heard of him before and even have a toy figure up on my shelf that a good friend brought back from Japan for me, but I had never seen it. I was told that it is so bad and cheesy that it's good. What can I say? I had to watch now! I looked to see what I could find on YouTube, because that's what you do these days, and I watched an episode. Of course I was hooked. But I had to know more as well. With a bit of research I found and read about the long history of the character and the monsters and all it's different incarnations. I, as I often tend to do, gravitated to the original version and I even found the complete first series on DVD for seven bucks!! My son likes watching it with me as well!

Now I don't really know why, but I started to draw little doodles in my sketchbook of Ultraman that I think was brought about by my doing the Power Rangers piece. I couldn't get it out of my head tho and…

Go, Go, Power Rangers!

Done! Let's move on.

Go, Go, Power Rangers. Part Five

Ok. So I may have hit a speed bump in the road. Over on the Facebook page, someone pointed out that the Red one is the leader of the group. I had no clue. Plus I can't believe that no body pointed that out to me in the early drafts!! Thanks people!! Ah. It's all good. Wait, did I really just write that?? Anyway, what to do? Do I just go ahead and let it slide with Red in the background or do I perform a bit of Photoshop "frankensteining"?? Might be worth a shot.

Go, Go, Power Rangers. Part Four

Not much new at this point. Probably should have posted this with yesterdays. Oh well. Here is the colored, flat versions of the characters put into the composition. Or most of it. Type and a framework are in the mix as well as the "painting" process. Come back to see the final version!!

Go, Go, Power Rangers. Part Three

So now I am deep in and I have to find time to keep working on this as my freelance work is keeping my pretty busy right now. A good problem to have!! So all the characters have been brought into Illustrator and I have been trying to keep them a bit more angular and with bigger, flatter shapes to define them. Looking pretty good but I am sure that if I work in this style on a regular basis it would be easier and I would most definitely look back at these and curse myself. Oh well. I like them today!


Go, Go, Power Rangers. Part Two

So now that I have been thrown under the bus with the vote (just kidding!), I had to do my research to know what these guys look like. Turns out they are not all guys. At least one is a girl (Pink. Duh!), and it turns out another one may be a girl as well (Yellow). Now, I am sure there is an explanation out there, so feel free to let me know what it is, but if you look at clips of the original Japanese footage, Yellow sure looks like a guy. I think the American producers may have had a hand in changing the gender when the cast and spliced in the new footage. Call me crazy. I actually have come to appreciate the designs of the helmets of these guys (girls) as I really had to look for examples of them. About this time, someone suggested that the sketch of the poster could have a look of an old propaganda poster. I thought that was a good idea and thought it was also a good excuse to try a different look.

So here are my pencil drawings of the Power Rangers.


And of course, all the …

Go, Go, Power Rangers. Part One

It really goes against my retentive nature to interrupt a chain of posts about one particular picture for another and I have already done so once for The Rocketeer and here I am doing it again but this time in a much bigger way. Don't worry Rocketeer fans, I have not abandoned that piece. I just had to juggle pictures to meet certain deadlines. Now I must first admit that I didn't really want to do this picture at first as I have never seen any episode of the Power Rangers, in any of their incarnations, all the way thru. Saw bits and pieces as others were watching and I happened to be in the room but that is mainly it. So of course I was asked to take part in a pre-show party at Epic Comics here in Orlando the night before a Power Rangers convention. I said yes but I also hesitated on doing a piece for it. I thought I could get away with doing an Ultraman picture instead. No such luck. So I figured if I was going to do a Power Rangers picture, I was going to do the original on…

Drawing The Rocketeer. Part Three

Still not moving as fast as I would like but I am glad to see some progress being made at all. Here are two digital sketches of Jenny and Peavy.

Drawing The Rocketeer. Part Two

Ok, I am back for more high-flying action as the work on The Rocketeer progresses. Albeit slower than I would care for but I do need to pay the bills as well. That being said, here is a modified comp of the poster as well as a sketchbook doodle I did and colored with some watercolor.